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Advice from a santera on the power of candles

We all have innate powers, But it is our duty to discover them and make good use of them, that is why every day we have to learn something else that helps us. Today I will tell you something that perhaps someone does not know about the color of the candles and their meaning.

Remember that it is not enough to light a candle for no reason, You must have a lot of faith, as much as when you pray to your Saints. Candles keep us away from things that work in the dark and from evil spirits. Always you should keep in mind that These are lit with matches and should not be blown out.

The flame of each candle is a language: if it burns with high and bright flame it is synonymous with good luck, good omens and that the spirits are receiving light. If the flame falls down and rises repeatedly indicates a danger.

I hope that by candlelight you find everything you want with faith.

? The white candle:

The use of the white candle helps us To combat all kinds of disease, it brings out our purity, gives us peace, eliminates nervousness, impotence and gives us spiritual and mental light.

Always remember that the color white is a symbol of purity and innocence. I hope this advice will help you.

? Blue candles:

Color of skies, of seas, this blue symbolizes pure and unconditional love like that of our Iyá Yemayá. This candle helps us fight or prevent loss of sight or related illnesses is good for nightmares, throat conditions, colds, thyroid and hearing problems.

In addition, it increases our intuition, the joy of living and mental strength. You should always keep in mind that it is not only its color, It is his light, it is your faith and the trust that you place in each of your prayers.

? Yellow candle:

The yellow color represents the sun, sweetness and richness. It symbolizes the glory and the power of the will. Yellow is the color of our beautiful Orisha Iyalorde.

The candle of this color is used to give energy, gives us back laughter, joy and helps us fight problems in the genitals, kidneys, circulatory system, womb, muscles, digestive system, ulcers and stiffness in the spine.

If your child is in academic exams, you can light a candle at home and ask for good results.

? Green candles:

The color of hope is green, symbolizes goodness and loving without conditions. Candles of this color are used to give us the good energy that sometimes we lack without knowing why.

This candle prevents and fights diseases heart, lung, asthma and blood pressure. Nullify attachments to material things, cowardice, envy, greed and jealousy. Wake up the calm, tranquility, harmony, stability and balance.

Always remember that the magic is in your prayers, in your faith and in those rays of hope that emerge from you. From the heart, I hope it serves you.

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