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5 Tips from a Santera ≫ For when we lose our strength

Tips from a Santera

I humbly share these words with you, always with faith in Olofin, in my Orishas, ​​in my Eguns and with the blessing of my Guardian Angel and my spirits.

Here are 5 simple tips, I hope they are helpful to you as they have also served me.

Advice for life and for the soul ...

1. You can lose, but you can also win

You should know that all is not lost. It really costs a lot, but if you put your will, you can do it. Not because you lose once, twice, three times, or 100 times, you have to give up. These losses cannot limit your life, or make you lose opportunities, because you may be crying a false defeat.

If you go out on the street, not to cry, but to thank Olofin because something took you out of your way, you will find a powerful ray of sunlight that will illuminate your destiny.

2. Always remember: Everything happens

Nothing is forever! And this phrase is not a song or a play, it is a reality.

If you accept the good days, then why not accept the bad ones as well?

You may be going through a difficult time, but you must always remember that Olofin is the one who manages your time, and since he directs it in your favor because he loves you, then you must accept that everything has nuances, do not doubt it.

Everything will pass, everything will come, everything will change, everything has a beginning and an end, repeat it every day, like a motto, attract with your thought what the Universe has in store for you.

In your moments of happiness I recommend that you enjoy each moment and give thanks because those emotions will be part of your learning and thus it will be easier for you to carry your sad moments.

3. Search for peace within yourself

Many of us confuse peace with places where there are no noise and silence reigns, but true peace is when, despite everything that may be happening to us, we feel calm from the heart.

Peace is something that does not come from the outside, but from the attitude that we ourselves choose to adopt.

It is extremely difficult not to worry, but we must banish it from our minds because if we do not we will never find that peace that we are looking for.

Worry is inevitable, we say, but also ask yourself, is it useful? If it is not, and we cannot fix the situation, we will only lose our peace and control.

On the other hand, if that situation has a way out, go ahead, act with faith and without fear, with a firm step and the protection of all the beings that take care of you.

4. If you believe it: Take action!

The only way you can know if you can or not is by doing it, so if you believe it, launch yourself with faith and with your belief in your heart.

One day perhaps you tried and could not, but try again, that the fear disappears and that that faith that you also have in your Orishas flourish, remember that they take care of you and that the strength you need will be given to you if you put all the effort and if you want it from the heart.

5. Do not keep in your memories the "I can not"

Don't take shortcuts Eleggua always remember that: "be very careful when taking shortcuts in your life”Because this detour may be shorter, but it can be dangerous and cost you a good lesson in your life.

Sometimes it is better to go step by step and thus we will get the teaching of the way, but if you go by the shortcut you can arrive quickly and without learning, or remain half curious or reacting without sensibility.

I hope these humble tips from life itself are helpful and that you continue to trust Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare.

3 Simple works that we can all do and that I recommend:

To refresh your energies, ward off bad things and cleanse yourself from bad things, I recommend the following works, they are very powerful, but remember that the main ingredient is faith. Blessings.

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