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Ejiogbe: Fun facts about the sign, rituals, tips and prohibitions

Ejiogbe tips

Ejiogbe is an Ifá sign where the veneration to Olorun the Orisha Sun is essential, the religious is advised in the mañaYou ask for the blessing of the star king and cross your arms so that in this way I will come to your life and health.

Ejiogbe, the odun where smoke is prohibited

This letter warns the religious to stop smoking and prohibits the existence of bonfires or tobacco smoke in the presence of Olofin, mainly within the Ifá room.

This odun is very beneficial for the human being if he lives it respecting the word of the Orishas and Eggunes. 

Ifá says: You suffer for love.

Ejiogbe is a person who suffers from heartbreak and has difficulties in finding an ideal partner, as he despairs in matters of the heart.

It is advisable to be a little more selective and lose the fear of loneliness, because many times this space is necessary to know and grow as a person, in order to then be able to face love with the right person.

Two holy pillars in Ejiogbe, receive them.

Both y Obatala they are holy bulwarks in the life of the individual who is governed under this odun, they are owed respect and veneration.

In Ejiogbe's house, his voice is not raised out of courtesy to these Orishas, ​​who come to help him consolidate his love life and give him humility and patience.

Simple works to prosper under this letter

This sign marks the presence of a missionary of Saint Lazarus in his spiritual cord, whom he must attend by performing an ajuan to the saint, which he will deposit after seventeen days in the Sanctuary of Rincón (Havana, Cuba) or any other temple related to Blessed sojam.

Ejiogbe indicates making offerings with fruits at night to Yemaya in the sea, in order to attract good fortune. This work is ideal for when the person is going through a financial crisis.

Ifá recommends praying with snapper and later with fruits to refresh the head.

In this letter you should avoid:

  • Getting involved in rumors.
  • No messages are kept, or foreign objects.
  • You must exercise caution at night, as you may be robbed.
  • Children in the house where you live should not crawl on the floor, as this will bring misfortunes to the family.
  • Ifá recommends you not to rush if you do not want to fail or be an adulterer.
  • Always respect married people, as you may be involved in an embarrassment because of the aforementioned.

Other tips, Ifá signs and Yoruba traditions:

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