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What should we avoid this year? 20 spiritual tips to fulfill

Spiritual Tips 2022

In the Santería or Rule of Osha Ifá One of the most important pillars is respect, faith and humility. Our evolution and spiritual growth in life depend on these.

The letter of the year 2022 has given us as every year many guidelines and warnings to follow as good religious, and it is opportune to understand them and reflect on it.

Each path that appears in our lives brings us lessons that leave us with wisdom and teachings, but if we can avoid those bitter moments and face them from another perspective, it will be healthier for us.

This is what the advice of the Orishas gives us, leading life wisely, so that from faith the paths open, opportunities arise and everything flows from love and good health.

It is up to us to follow his word as a guide in our lives, that is our job, to comply, trust, accept and understand that his advice never falls to the ground, because they are sacred and divine.

Spiritual advice for religious this 2022

We religious who faithfully believe in the divinity of the Osha, in Oloddumare, the Eggun and all the Yoruba deities, must abide by the mandate of the letter of the year as if it were a law, only in this way will we attract the iré and the osogbos will move away from our life.

20 Situations we should avoid:

  1. Our greatest shield is our home, we must take care of our families and avoid creating family conflicts by all means.
  2. Beware of infidelities, you must do the right things and not leave what is safe for what is doubtful.
  3. It is better to tell a truth that hurts than a compassionate lie, we must not lie.
  4. Many separations will be due to monetary problems, avoid discussions about money.
  5. We must unite more as religious, always preaching the truth, no one should be scammed and help those who need it.
  6. Give the correct education to our children, teach them the right thing and always look at who they relate to and what steps they are taking.
  7. Strengthen the union of Babalawos, Oriatés, Iyaloshas, ​​Babaloshas, ​​Spiritists and all religious, to grow in religion and as human beings.

Let us avoid disagreements in religion and be a united and strong religious family.

  1. Leave despotism aside, because it depends on our behavior if our Oshas and Orishas turn their backs on us or not.
  2. Children must respect their parents, but also parents to their children, let's respect each other and prevent family wars.

Children must always remember that: "ear does not pass head".

  1. Let's avoid ignorance, it is an opportune year to nourish oneself with religious knowledge, to correctly know and understand the wisdom that religion gives us.
  2. Do not be afraid, it is opportune to leave indecision aside, if we have a positive mind we will achieve everything we set out to do.
  3. Respect justice and not interfere in turbulent matters or illegalities.
  4. Keep our lives away from hostilities and excessive personal greed because it takes us away from our religious path.
  5. Let's not be irresponsible, we must be much more spiritual, pay attention to our guides and protectors, to our spiritual team and ancestors.
  6. Let's not ignore our health and be careful, there will be accompanying climatic changes.añatwo of natural phenomena.
  7. Great proposals and projects can be presented this year, but we must always know how to approach them with patience because otherwise they will vanish.
  8. Avoid differences and discussions between mothers and daughters, in situations of anger we can unintentionally curse bringing regrets, and then not be able to remove that curse.
  9. We will get out of trouble, but with organization. You have to have the courage to wait patiently.
  10. Be very careful with usurpations, swindlers, and betrayals from people around you.
  11. Beware of disrespecting the Orishas, ​​ignoring the word of Ifá or not following the paths marked by the spirits, we must pay attention so as not to bring osogbos and regrets.

We share with you other religious tips:

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