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How to close 2022 as predicted by the Letter of the Year?

Tips end of the year 2022

During the early morning of January 2022, XNUMX, a group of Cuban priests made known to the religious people the letter of the year, the ruling divinity and some advice that would make life more bearable in the period of the next twelve months after the ceremony.

The regent odun for 2022 was Baba Eyiogbe, accompaniedañaof his witnesses Ogunda Biode and Ofun Nalbe.

Avoid pride and bad form were two of the recommendations offered by Orumila, an orientation that should continue in force for the remainder of this year and for posterity, since With this action, respect among men will be guaranteed.

Let's remember the teachings of this year

This 2022 the foreman of the dead offered humanity a good of health

The Odunes in force during 2022 brought with them a prophecy predicted by Odúa, in which the foreman of the dead offered humanity a good of health, a fact that was consolidated in our land with the cessation of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Among the predictions the Yoruba society posed a strong wave of migration, a fact that was also fulfilled.

The use of medicinal plants as alternative therapy was important, a discipline that must be promoted and maintained, since herbs are Ozain's treasure, capable of healing with practically no adverse effects on health.

The religious people must continue to wear white

Obatalá covered the earth with his mantle, man was able to understand why, although the elephant is a large and strong animal, it will never defeat the wind:

  • You can't fight to change what will imminently happen,
  • wars should not be fought in which it is known in advance that they will be lost,
  • the religious should not oppose reason, because in doing so you will find failure as a reward.

The religious must continue wearing white to continue debugging and paying homage to the Orisha owner of all the heads.

This year we understood that the head governs the body

This 2022 was for the religious people a year of many changes, of strong tests, but also of a lot of faith and self-improvement.

We religious understood in 2022 that the head governs the body and not the other way around, that without a clear purpose or strategy you get nowhere.

2022 was a year that taught us the importance of using intelligence and know how to stay calm despite difficulties.

As long as there is life there will also be hope

Ifá taught us that everything is had and at the same time everything is lacking, that whoever is not capable of saving for the future will never have anything, but despite everything it will always be essential to keep in mind that as long as there is life there will also be hope, a saying that was appropriate in many homes.

6 Tips for end of the year complying with what is predicted by the letter of the year Part 2022

To close this 2022 complying with what was predicted by the letter of the year:

  1. Washdowns (cleaning) should be carried out in the house, with indigo water.
  2. Put white flowers and show organization in all spheres of life.
  3. We must continue to maintain humility and patience, virtues indoctrinated by Obatalá.
  4. Continue taking care of hygiene to avoid the spread of diseases.
  5. Pay special attention to the education of future generations.
  6. Use the cascarilla to avoid disturbances and perform lustral baths with white flowers, cologne, cascarilla and even sometimes with milk. 

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