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5 Tips in Ika Bemi: Where the children are the target of the enemies

Tips Ika Bemi

Ika Bemi odun of Ifá where the religious will be continually exposed to gossip and slander.

Letter where you must be selective in choosing your friends, so that bad company is not involved in conflicts and legal problems.

Odun where the individual should not remain unemployed, since it is a desire to orunmila that he be a good man for society and is doing productive work.

1. By the hand of Eggún comes luck or misfortune

In this sign, a family spirit that was marginalized in life asks to be given the attention it deserves.

This Eggún left for the world of truth resentful with you and it is your duty at this time to make peace with that person so that he can receive the light he deserves and does not hinder his destiny.

At Ika Bemi you can't leave it unattended the spiritual vault nor the tile of Eggún, because it will be precisely from the hand of the spirits where their luck or their misfortune will come.

2. By handing over religious powers you risk losing your luck

You must be very jealous when giving religious powers, because Ifá says that in this action your luck could be lost.

Educate your biological and religious children well so that misfortune does not come to you.

Do not be soft when it comes to correcting your mistakes, always think that you are doing it for your own good and so that on myañana do not have to regret greater evils.

3. The Aguardiente bath, sacred work in Ika Bemi

The bath of Oti (brandy) in Ika Bemi is used to ward off the osogbos and purify the astral.

This seemingly simple ceremony is very effective in seeking positive changes and overcoming difficulties.

This bath drives away the haunting spirits and weakens the curses perpetuated on your person. 

4. To harm the religious the enemy attacks his children

In this Ifá the enemy to harm the religious uses the strategy of attacking his children.

So you must be very jealous with these, especially if they are small.

Orunmila says that you must take care of your children and not lose sight of them, because the enemies will take advantage of any margin of error to attack.

Because of this, children are turned against their parents to the point of breaking relationship with them, a product of gossip and envy.

Stay alert to avoid this kind of tragedy. 

5. Some tips for the Ika Bemi sign

  • Under this sign one comes to fear the night.
  • You have a very powerful enemy who practices the Mayombe stick rule and is continually seeking his doom.
  • Be careful going up and down the ladder, as this letter marks falls.

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