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Advice from Ika Irete: Give without expecting anything in return and you will be blessed

Tips Ika Irete

Ifá sign where the yam shells they saved man by indication of orunmila, who ordered the religious to boil the yam and spread only its shells on the street in order to attract luck.

This is a letter where opportunities have inestimable value, because what for some can be considered a waste, such as shells, for others has a lot of value.

  • Example that is applied metaphorically to any other type of scenario or event.

Give without interest to receive anything in return and the blessing of Olofin will come

At Ika Irete it is our duty to be generous with those in need and help those around us without wanting anything in return, because that is the secret of being generous:

In separating from ambitions and showing a little more humanity, benefiting those who really do not have resources or help.

Don't reveal your plans so they don't fall apart

Ifá advises you never to reveal your plans, so that they come to fruition.

  • Beware of getting gastrointestinal ailments from eating spoiled foods.
  • Be careful not to get poisoned or eat hidden curses in food.

Yemayá is the Orisha defender of Ika Irete

In this letter he speaks Yemayá, Yoruba queen and owner of the sea who defends the religious and who is owed devotion and respect.

In Ika Irete it is advisable to respect the depths of the sea and to protect oneself from it in bad weather, as it marks destruction on earth by penetrations of the sea.

Sign that marks abrupt changes and loss of luck due to indiscretion

Ika Irete is an Ifá where sudden changes occur in the life of the religious.

Letter that marks the lurk of envy and double-faced people, who will approach you and your family motivated by a specific interest.

In this letter it is forbidden to reveal the secret of your luck to anyone, because with this action you will be deprived of it.

Do you know the diseases that Ika Irete marks?

This odun pays special care to pregnant women and postpartum women, as the attack of eclampsia is born here, an entity that constitutes the most severe state of gestational hypertension. 

Cardiovascular diseases also prevail in this odun, so it is necessary to go to the doctor early and follow a regimen aimed at increasing the quality of life, seeking to reduce comorbidities.

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