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Advice from Ika Junco: Where for lack of fear they become reckless

Tips Ika Junco

For peace to come to your life you must end a war, which far from benefiting him has brought him multiple troubles and in which he has had many losses, fundamentally of health and time.

Ifá advises you not be infatuated with winning unbeatable lawsuits, and worry more about finding your stability, than about taking absurd matters to the end.

Well, waiting to see the last consequences of the matter, he has missed many opportunities for prosperity, even ignoring moments of happiness because he is stuck in time.

This odun predicts housing problems, which will entail:

  • Family upsets,
  • marital disagreement and
  • frustrations.

Struggle to get over just your past self

Do not seek to compete with other people, be happy with what you have been able to have and fight to honestly conquer what you consider to be lacking, without worrying about it.

Don't compare yourself to anyone and focus on your life, because once time passes you never go back.

Gluttony is a flaw in Ika Junco

In Ika Junco it is taboo to eat corn, avoid eating this food so that you do not get osogbo, your health being affected.

This letter describes an individual who suffers from digestive problems, therefore, he should not consume heavy foods during the day, much less at night.

By this letter one suffers from gluttony, an evil that must be worked on so as not to suffer from its cause.

Ifá where enemies are made easier than friends

Maintain cordial relationships with the people around you.

If you feel that you are in a place where you cannot make friends, at least try to maintain respect from a distance so that misunderstandings do not arise mainly in the workplace.

Whenever you are going to give your opinion to another person, do so in a constructive way, taking care of your words so as not to hurt others unnecessarily.                    

In Ika Junco it is known how discussions start, but not how they end

Ika Junco is a sign where you are a victim of deception and where it is known how discussions start, but not how they end, so Ifá recommends you be cautious.

By this letter the person does not feel considered, so orula He recommends doing for others as far as he can and not giving himself body and soul for humanity, since ingratitude will be the payoff.

Odun where for lack of fear he gets to commit recklessness

This is a letter from stubborn people with great ideas, where one of the main problems of the individual is that he does not listen to the advice of those who want him well, because he prefers to carry out his will first.

This sign describes a reckless human being, who for lack of fear comes to commit recklessness.

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