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Tips from Ika Meyi: The snake was poisoned by its own bite

Tips Ika Meyi

Ika Meyi is represented through the Boa, the serpent that rules all the reptiles in the universe.

It is an odun of greatness where the person acquires power and becomes recognized before the world.

This sign describes a person who likes to be in control of what happens around him.

He is an individual who draws attention to the public eye and who generally must offer his approval on projects before they are launched.

Ifá says: in Ika Meyi abundance came to earth

In this Ifá the sea was filled with fish and abundance reached the land, this letter predicts that the individual will have many descendants both biological and in the field of religion.

  • This odun marks wars and envy on the person, where people envy their good luck.
  • It's taboo in this letter that children are mistreated, which brings resentment in the family and backwardness.
  • In Ika Meyi the woman miscarries and at other times wishes to terminate her pregnancy.
  • It is a sign where plans are cut very quickly as new projects are undertaken.
  • When this odun comes out, the religious must know that his goals will be fulfilled because it is a letter that provides firmness and stability.

Travel letter and financial evolution

Under this letter you do not drink in gourd, it is necessary to religiously protect children because if you do not do so, they can get lost.

The religious governed by Ika Meyi is the protégé of Oshún so he must deposit offerings in the river in gratitude to the Orisha who owns the honey.

The colors that bring luck to Ika Meyi are:

  • The black,
  • the red and
  • the blue.

In this odun, boats and small boats are born, it is a letter of travel and financial evolution.

This Ifá speaks of anchoring in port when the dream destination has been reached, referring to the search for stability, the formation of a family and marriage.

The snake was poisoned by its own bite

For this odun the claws were born to the felines, which refers to the need for the individual to learn to defend himself and fend for himself on the plane of the earth.

This letter prohibits the man from caring for other people's children.

In Ika Meyi arose the worship of man for the practices of the sacred Rule of Osha-Ifá.

The religious in this letter does not listen to advice, it is considered taboo to curse in this sign because yesterday the snake bit itself and was poisoned by its own poison.

No plans are made to harm others, because in the long run the religious himself is affected by his plans.

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