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Advice and rituals in Ika Obara: Sign that speaks of evolution and tests

Tips Ika Obara

In Ika Obara an inheritance divides the family, giving rise to quarrels between the siblings.

In this sign the person suffers the harassment of a spirit that has been sent to disturb him.

In order to detach this entity from your astral, you must go to the foot of orunmila for the Orisha soothsayer to tell you what to do.

Works to evolve in Ika Obara

Ifá says that cascarilla it will be one of your main defense weapons.

1. Cleaning at home:

This letter marks that you must carry out a polishing cleaning in your house with okra.

When the religious is disturbed, he should go to his elders so that they can beg his head and in this way he can establish order in his thoughts.

2. Keeping away bad energies:

Ika Obara is a sign where the person is a spiritist by nature, when you feel that there are dense energies in your house:

  • Water perfume and cascarilla in all hoursabitations so that disturbances are banished.
  • You can also clean by adding a squirt of brandy to the water to polish the floor.

3. To attract love, joy, and luck into your life:

  • Wash your face with clear water and rose petals.

This work is also effective in alleviating the nostalgia produced by an Eggún that accompanies you.aña.

You are an envied person, because many people who have or have had dealings with you want to possess your virtues and cannot.

Do not be afraid to face life, because you will not be alone

Your greatest enemy is a practitioner of the palo mayombe rule, you must strengthen yourself to win the war.

Do not be afraid to face life, because you will not be alone, I will accompany you.añathere will always be the saints and the dead.

Do not do evil to anyone, because yours will come walking behind.

You cannot babysit without parental supervision, because an accident could occur.

Consult with Orula your drastic decisions

  • Never leave a company without first consulting with Orula, so that your achievements are not lost along the way.
  • Keep your money in a safe place so that it is not a victim of theft.
  • Jealousy is the main osogbo that the religious ruled under this sign can suffer, because on account of these he can suffer great losses.

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