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Advice from Ika Odi: odun where reincarnation is born and new paths

Tips Ika Odi

Olofin cursed the snake to crawl into Ika OdiDespite his well-founded medical knowledge, Olofin imposed a punishment on the snake in payment for his faults.

She was condemned by her pride not to be erect again in front of the world.

Orunmila advises the religious to put pride aside learning to live with humility.

You have complained because you have not found happiness, your friends and family have found someone to share your days with and you have not yet been able to do so.

Do not worry, the right person for you will come into your life at the right time, do not rush and be patient that good things take long to wait.

That special person will arrive at the hands of Shango, pay tribute to this Orisha so that his luck changes.

Ika Odi's I will go is outside his house

In Ika Odi the bears lived in the caves and did not interact with any other animal, you cannot be like the bears.

In order for your life to prosper you must go out and seek luck outside your home, make the most of your life and do not spend so much time sleeping, use your free time to perform tasks that are of benefit to you.

In this letter, man must learn to fend for himself and cannot depend on other human beings to be happy.

Impersonation lyrics, sudden changes and surprises

In this letter the religious must perform various ceremonies to develop his spiritual commission.

You must go to the foot of Orunmila so that the great fortune teller of Ifá I mark him the realization of an ebbó that breaks the blocks that do not let him advance.

Ika Odi talks about:

  • Abrupt changes,
  • disorganization and
  • protests.

In this odun, coups d'état and actions aimed at seizing power to materialize an impersonation are born.

You must establish yourself on the earth plane.

If you are in a managerial position, be vigilant as many of your subordinates do not agree with your methods and plan to destabilize you.

This letter speaks of sneaky enemies, people who with great humility will approach you by victimizing themselves to get something out of it.

Trust no one so you don't get hurt.

You must pay attention when crossing the streets, as this Ifá marks the appearance of injuries from a car accident.

Odun where opportunities return so as not to be wasted

To attract luck, his godfather must feed him at the door of the house.

Here the use of the belt was born, tighten yours and make resounding decisions.

Never back down on your word and fulfill your role fully within the family.

Ika Odi is a sign where reincarnation is born and the spirit of the person returns to earth, through this letter, old opportunities return and this time they cannot be missed.

Other signs, warnings and advice of the wisdom of Ifá:

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