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Advice from Ika Ogunda: A father is the mirror where his children look at themselves

Tips Ika Ogunda

Saving food and moderate financial expenses are two of the premises to take into account in this odun of Ifá.

Letter where it is forbidden to waste food, as the religious must create awareness for times of scarcity.

orunmila advises you to create a savings fund to cope with moments of less economic ease.

Fruits are avoided in this sign, especially those with a sandy texture.

Ifá advises you to keep your distance from thin people who comb their hair with prominent sideburns and who are generally extravagant for their hair arrangements.

Well, in these the religious will only find osogbos.

Ivory marks the development in Ika Ogunda

Ika Ogunda's luck will be favored by wearing some jewel made with fragments of ivory, a piece that will be responsible for attracting economic development and going on a trip to her person.

Because of this odun, man finds himself in the need to represent his spiritual picture, giving an adequate position to the black and Indian spirits, who are a bulwark in his life.

The religious governed under the Ika Ogunda odun must avoid problems with justice, since this sign marks a visit to prisons, and the person may be confined.

Do not do illicit business or trust anyone with money, as you will not receive the corresponding remuneration in payment for your favors. 

Reunification, respect and tolerance are the foundations of the family

Inle the great doctor of the Osha y Olokun the Orisha of the deep They are the ruling deities of this Ifá.

Saints who instill in the religious the virtue of caring for the family and working for reunification and tolerance within the ilé.

Under this letter it is necessary to respect the word and the rights of all members of the household.

It is taboo to mistreat the elderly and hit children, because the actions that your children see in their childhood will be the mirror in which they will look in the future.

Eggunes are the staff of Ika Ogunda

The fate of Ika Ogunda falls on the spiritual commission, so the religious must work on the basis of strengthening their Eggunes and keep them in harmony with the circumstances and your wishes.

These should be consulted every decisive action that is taken to undertake the new plans with their blessing.

Ifá says: It is time to recover what was lost

Paths and streets, paths and shortcuts were born in Ika Ogunda that symbolize the resources that the religious can obtain to make his life easier.

Which does not mean that they are poorly paved paths, but rather alternatives to find development while always respecting the legal terms. 

This odun speaks of:

  • The arrival of the time to recover what was lost,
  • reestablish relationships and
  • raise your guard for being an Ifá that marks betrayals.

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