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Advice in Ika Osa, where selfishness and ingratitude are punished

Tips Ika Osa

In Ika Osa, odun de Ifá, Oyá yansa He wanted to eat sapotes, so he went in search of the succulent fruits to the Takua land.

Upon reaching his destination, his wishes were denied and Oyá violently attacked the ungrateful, therefore, when this letter comes out, the religious must put nine zapotes to Oyá to appease his anger.

Sign that warns of errors in the selection of the guardian angel

In this sign the mistake of the selection of the guardian angel is born due to ignorance.

The Ifá priest must pay special attention when attacking this sign, since designating an incorrect protector could cause discomfort in the Orishas.

In Ika Osa: The word of the saint is the definitive one

By this letter neither the santero nor the Ifá priest are authorized to make determinations about the religious without having first heard the words of the Orishas who will define the situation.

This Ifá warns the individual never to surrender any religious power without first asking his guardian angel if he authorizes it.

Orunmila recommends that you take care of your physical integrity

This odun marks aggression towards your person, do not go through places with danger of collapse as you may suffer damage to your physical integrity.

You were cursed from your mother's womb by a person who is consanguineous to your family.

Ifá recommends you attend the foot of orunmila to be registered because the sign warns the presence of an obsessive spirit that disturbs it. 

Be grateful to people who help you selflessly and give back to them for their good deeds.

Ifá warns not to use abortions as a contraceptive method

Ika Osa warns women of the danger of using abortions as a method of contraception, because as a result of these procedures, they can become infertile or in the worst case lose their life.

Fibroids are another of the conditions that women should be checked under this odun, as Ifá emphasizes the need to maintain adequate medical follow-up in the face of this pathology.

Foundation necklaces will bring stability to Ika Osa

The Osha-Ifá recommends that the individual ruled under this Ifá be placed the foundation necklaces, to give them health and stability.

Because of this sign it is important to find happiness, although according to Orula you are lacking.

The sacred herbs of this sign are:

  • The Algarrobo and
  • the Alamo.

Knowing other signs and more about the wisdom of Ifá:

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