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The yagruma saved Ika Otrupon: Advice and warnings of the sign of Ifá

Tips Ika Otrupon

By persisting, Ika Otrupon fell from grace.

In this sign a fault has been committed which has offended orunmila and to satisfy the great oracle of Ifá it is necessary to carry out an animal sacrifice.

And mainly regret the act committed to raise awareness of the fact of not repeating it again.

For a trap you can lose your life

You have been involved in a trap, which can cost you your life, because the person who is going to be harmed blindly believes that you are the perpetrator of the crime.

Go to the foot of Orunmila and do ebbó to get rid of this osogbo.

The yagruma is the sacred tree of Ika Otrupon

  • In Ika Otrupon the religious man is lucky to gamble.
  • You find yourself in the need to beg your guardian angel for protection.
  • For this Ifá Orunmila when being chased by some dogs had to take refuge in the top of a yagruma tree.

Due to this, the Yagruma became the sacred tree of the sign and the ceremony of placing a vase with yagruma at the foot of the Orishas in the saint's room was born.

Interesting Facts About Ika Otrupon

  • In this letter it is taboo to eat the meat of sick animals, because with these you will contract diseases.
  • In this Ifá it is necessary for the religious to have three Eleggua.
  • You are fond of medicine and music.
  • The woman who is governed by this letter must attend the gynecologist.

It is therefore necessary for the sign to alert the existence of diseases related to the reproductive system, ailments that could even prevent the act of future conception.

Oddúa and Oggún are the defense of the religious in this sign

Odúa is one of the Orishas of foundation of this odun, where the saint notices the presence of enemies with religious knowledge.

Same as the day of mañana could try to wage war with you through sorceries and jobs.

Oggún the Orisha patron of work He comes out in the defense of Ika Otrupon and it is on his cauldron that the Ifá priest works to free the religious from all kinds of ties and with this return the iré and the development that was taken from him.

Advice on this odun of Ifá

Orunmila advises him to modulate his character, because with outbursts of anger he will not solve his problems.

You are an impetuous person who takes everything that happens around you very personally, so you suffer continuous discomfort that will eventually harm your health.

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