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Advice from the Ika Otura sign: Where disobedience is paid dearly

Tips Ika Otura

For this odun disobedience is paid at a high cost, nothing more and nothing less than with life.

Therefore, avoid looking for misfortunes that will end up harming only you and your family.

Never try to prove anything to society, instead focus on not following whims that could lead to ruin.

Put aside the loves and toxic projects and focus on what is really convenient for you, keeping the previous distances from what you were warned about, so instead of seeing a future furnished with misadventures, observe in your future the opportunities you need to get ahead.

1. Each stage of life has its own projects and scenarios

In this Ifá the swimmer grew old and could no longer perform the same as in his golden years.

With this orunmila warns that each stage of life has its own projects and scenarios and that once these have expired it is impossible for everything to return to what it was before.

In Ika Otura, the difference in ages in the couple makes a dent in the relationship for different reasons.

Therefore, it is recommended to look for a contemporary partner in love with the person, because in this way they will have more things in common.

Instead of being frustrated by what he was, the religious should concentrate on finding new motivations in the present.

2. Diseases Ika Otura should watch out for

The diseases of the spine and the cardiovascular system are those that prevail in this sign, so the religious must pay greater care before the appearance of the first symptoms.

Ika Otura describes that the individual shows uneasiness for the future of his children, reaching this situation to take away sleep.

3. In Ika Otura there are no dogs in the house

In the Ika Otura sign there are no dogs in the house, because in one of the pataki that gives life to this Ifá sign, Orumila to save himself had to hide inside a jar that he had in the patio of his house and was discovered by the enemy because his dog gave him away with his barking.

4. Fun facts about Ika Otura

The ceremony of feeding Inle Oguere You cannot forget to do it at home every year, because with this ritual you will attract good fortune.

The sacred herb in Ika Otura is the red geranium, with this the religious will be able to prepare an omiero which he will use in the realization of lustral baths.

When Ika Otura wants to win a war he puts sunflowers to the Orishas, ​​with this offering he will overcome the impossible, being the secret flower of the sign.

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