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Advice from Ika Roso: Where knowledge brought prestige to men

Tips Ika Roso

In Ika Roso the men grew to be as tall as royal palms.

Then Orunmila confessed to the world that this was due to the study, nobody could point them out on the plane of the earth, because they had used their life in something useful.

The knowledge from which they had drawn had led them to be admired from below by those who refused to give part of their time to fertilize their thinking.

Then Olofin from the kingdom of heaven only had to dispel the clouds to admire them and secretly he could feel the pride that gave him knowing that his creation would not focus on destroying the earth but on making it fruitful and profitable.

The iré of the religious ruled by the odun of Ifá Ika Roso is found in:

  • The study and
  • in knowing how to take advantage of youth to prepare for the future.

Well, knowledge is something almost as necessary for human beings as being able to breathe.

Through intelligence more battles are won than using force, in this letter:

The one who knows the most becomes king.

In Ika Roso the person goes back to the past and clings to it

In Ika Roso, the person usually returns to the past, becoming so tightly attached to it that they are unable to live in the present.

You cannot regress in life, because Ifá says that the conquered banners cannot fall to the ground.

Stay focused on enjoying your life and when you feel the need to momentarily abandon the present, imagine yourself in the future and there you will find the motivations you need to get ahead.

Make ebbó to keep the osogbos out of your way

Disease and death persecute the religious, to win the war against these entities you must go to the foot of Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá.

Make ebbó and stay home for a week so your tracks are wiped out of the way and osogbos can't chase you on your trail.

Ifá advises you not to lend your clothes or your money

In Ika Roso, when the religious is behind or has financial problems, the Ifá priest makes him an ebbó with money and brandy and in this way the iré returns to his life.

Ifá advises you:

  • Do not lend your clothing or money to anyone, as you can acquire the osogbo of other people by using your own items once they are returned.

Knowing other odun of Ifá, and more about its power:

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