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Advice from Ika Yekun, where the natural course of life is represented

Tips Ika Yekun

The natural course of life is born in Ika Yekun.

Odun de Ifá marked by the arrival of death, an event that gives way to the emergence of new lives.

Sign where it is prohibited to commit suicide, since life is an incalculable treasure and when attempting against it destiny is destroyed and a perennial mark is left on the family.

In the same way, in this Ifá a constant change becomes palpable where projects arrive after the expiration of others and material goods are renewed, even modifying even the way of thinking and seeing life.

In Ika Yekun it is law to feed eggun, because in this letter everything is based on the world of spirits.

Obatala y Orisha oko They are two deities that are received to save the human being and to whom respect and obedience are owed. 

The person who is governed by this letter must feed the earth every year and show thanks to Inle Oguere with this ritual.

Some things you may not know about Ika Yekun

This Ifá talks about love problems where the individual has not been able to find his ideal partner and has suffered from instability in the relationships he has had.

Coming to feel frustration and disappointment in this area of ​​life.

  • This is a sign where, for all the above mentioned, heart disappointments are suffered.
  • Do not eat food in other people's houses, because a person who claims to be a friend of yours wants to harm you.
  • You have lived under the protection of Yemaya throughout its existence.
  • respect the majás, because this animal represents health and is one of the emissaries of Obatala, Orisha owner of all heads and human intelligence.

Avoid hot flashes through respectful behavior

Maintain a responsible and respectful attitude so that you do not suffer from hot flashes.

In Ika Yekun, strategies are worth more than strength, always use intelligence to win and you will go further than you imagine.

To prosper offer fruit to the Jimaguas, holy brothers who cunningly defeated the war against the devil.

Get to know the sacred herbs of Ika Yekun

The sacred herbs of Ika Yekun are:

  • Holy basil and
  • the vinagrillo.

Plants with which the religious can perform polishing baths and cleanings in his home.

In turn, use the holy basil to attend to your spiritual vault, since the Eggunes who assist you are fond of this herb.

Knowing more about the wisdom of Ifá and its signs:

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