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Advice from Irete Iroso: Do ​​not go where you are not invited, avoid hot flashes

Advice Irete Iroso

Irete Iroso attended a party one day, when his enemies saw him arrive without prior invitation, they expelled him from the venue.

He suffered a great embarrassment in the town and since that day he has not gone anywhere without invitation.

In this Ifá, inexperienced manipulation and games with firearms are prohibited, since by accident a person can be deprived of life.

This letter predicts the arrival of a danger to the life of the religious, but also to that of the Ifá priest who marks the sign.

In Irete Iroso was born the consecration in Ozain

The consecration of man in Ozai He was born in this odun, a religious foundation that is received in order to have a seat, rest and a long life on the plane of the earth.

orunmila indicates to pay special care to the legs, as these are the support of the body and suffer in this sign of circulatory disorders.

Marriage problems are predicted

In Irete Iroso Shango He wounded Oshún, a pataki who warns of marital problems.

Orula advises talking with the couple and not pouring out on this anger or fury, because once love is hurt there is no way to put it back together without leaving scars.

The strength is in the joining

This sign speaks of the importance of unity to achieve goals, because according to the pataki, the palace was lost because all the Orishas praise for their side.

Therefore, you should focus on only one goal at a time and if you have a partner, instill in them the importance of supporting you in your projects, because as the saying goes, there is strength in unity.

Under this odun there is family disunity.

Avoid arriving last, as you will not find what you are looking for

Take care of your belongings, do not be the victim of a robbery.

You cannot be the last in any place where you arrive, so it is recommended that you make an effort and try to go early to the places so that you do not stay put and invited.

Avoid alcoholic beverages and respect older people. 

You owe a lot to Oshún

Put an object containing gold on Oshun, so that the saint is content with you.

Feast her with sunflowers, honey and perfume because in this odun you owe a lot to that Orisha.

Osun is the staff of Orunmila

Be careful with the candle so that you do not live the osogbo of suffering a burn.

Use your intelligence and you will see how your enemies will not be able to defeat you. 

In Irete Iroso, Osun is the staff of Orunmila, when the saint falls it indicates misfortunes and you have to go to the foot of Ifá urgently to save yourself.

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