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Irete Iwori's Advice: The Peacock Feather Fan Will Bring You I Will

Advice Irete Iwori

In Irete Iwori The religious threw the money in the ebbó, Orunmila, realizing this, asked his children what they were going to live on, they were silent and immediately understood that if they did not use the money correctly they would be ruined.

This letter warns of the importance of managing income correctly, because if money is not managed properly, its absence will be noticed through the precariousness.

Ifá advises Irete Iwori to create a savings fund for difficult times, in this way in the ilé (house) needs will not be passed.

What you should know about Irete Iwori

  • Ifá predicts the arrival of problems in your life as a result of adultery, you cannot live in concubinage or maintain relationships with any married person.
  • This is the sign of the bibijagua, where the person can easily hurt those around him.
  • In this letter the man loses himself because he is home alone, the greed in Irete Iwori is paid at a very high price.
  • Ifá says that you are sometimes like the peacock that with just one of its eggs destroyed the world, measure your actions so that in the long run you are not a victim of your own decisions.
  • The success in you will be found in not pretending what you are not, be transparent to the world so that they do not accuse you of being double-faced.

Orunmila comes out in defense of Irete Iwori

Orula is the Orisha who has brought to your life the iré and the unfolding, this deity is in charge of removing from your path everything that is not convenient for you.

In this sign the Indian spirits reign, which are placed:

  • Sunflowers,
  • boiled yucca and
  • schnapps.

The great osogbo of this sign It is disobedience, an evil by which the religious can lose himself, follow the advice of the Orishas so that misfortune does not come to his life.

The peacock feather fan will bring you I will go

Make a peacock feather fan for you to fan yourself and fan yourself. Oshun.

Talk to the saint while offering her air and tell her about the problems that keep you from falling asleep.

Ask the Orisha for forgiveness for the faults committed and explain what your wishes are.

Do not perform more than seven equal ceremonies

You must not consecrate more than seven equal ceremonies within the rule of Osha-Ifá.

For example, no more than seven oshas or seven ifas because by exceeding this number you will lose your luck and health. 

Under this letter, man knew the compass and the square and was able to straighten out his destiny.

Do not let them touch your head, in this sign they curse your hair

In Irete Iwori, three identical dolls are placed before Orunmila.

Take care of your hair and do not let anyone put their hands on you, because out of envy they will put curses on your hair.

This is a sign of mysteries and divination, where spirits communicate with you through dreams.

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