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Advice from Irete Meyi, Odun where good and bad go hand in hand

Advice Irete Meyi

Irete Meyi symbolizes the core of the earth, the deepest layer of the planet, the place where no man has been able to reach or where no one is able to survive.

This letter marks secrets that if revealed would bring chaos to the family, even disintegrating it.

  • The day of the week Good for Irete Meyi will be on Wednesday, at which time she will have to close her deals and businesses as she will obtain greater benefits.
  • The element of this odun of Ifá It is the quicksilver, metal that refers to the center of the earthly sphere.

The religious ruled by Irete Meyi dominates the spiritual field and the secrets they keep the Eggunes, especially those related to one's own death and resurrection.

You owe yourself to Saint Lazarus Blessed, a saint to whom you owe respect and devotion.

In this letter it is taboo kill ants, because with this action you will lose money.

Irete Meyi is a spiritist on earth

You must do ebbó at the foot of Orula in order to root out the evils that torment you.

As you are a spiritist, you will know in advance if the things that will happen to you will be good or bad.

This sign marks a long life for the religious.

Irete Meyi is an Ifá of prosperity where the religious gets to know other lands, you will be lucky in love and you will enjoy financial ease.

This letter marks joys and sorrows in unison, where preserving self-love will be essential.

Because of this sign, the person is vain and likes to look good, was born to stand out above the rest and loves to be noticed.

Irete Meyi's colors are:

  • The Red,
  • the Grey,
  • the blue and
  • the target.

After the sacrifice will come the rewards

In this sign the religious must sacrifice himself to get what he wants.

Stubbornness is one of the main qualities of Irete Meyi, his enemies should not provoke him, because Irete Meyi will not think twice to defend himself and take revenge.

The religious in this odun feels bad when he does not achieve what he wants.

This Ifá in iré is of many riches, but in osogbo it becomes the one where the greatest needs are passed.

Curiosities about the odun of Ifá Irete Meyi

  • The teeth and arms are Irete Meyi's greatest strengths.
  • Orula warns of the need to use reasoning to overcome adversity, in this sign by osogbo the person is paralyzed.
  • So that there is no shortage of money, Irete Meyi must keep it in a bag with smoked fish, corn and hutía.
  • It is taboo to eat chicken.
  • Orula recommends the man to listen to music to attract good fortune.

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