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Advice from Irete Obara, Ifa of Impersonation: The enemy wants his place

Advice Irete Obara

Irete obara He is a person reserved for his affairs and a hard worker.

When the religious man registers at the foot of Orunmila and he gets this odun, the babalawo tells him that he must go out into the street to find his luck.

  • Irete Obara cannot live cloistered or under the shadow of anyone.
  • You cannot allow anyone to lower your self-esteem, defame you, or want to abuse your good will.
  • In this Ifá the person does not value himself enough and for this reason he has not finished being completely happy.

Do not leave your valuables cluttered because it may be stolen

Ifá says that the religious who abides by this sign cannot keep money in his pockets because he can suffer an assault or lose it without realizing it.

The same thing can happen to you at home by leaving money or valuables in inappropriate places and in public view.

The individual in this odun of Ifá is prone to suffer from psychiatric and sexually transmitted diseases, so he must have a responsible sexual behavior and try not to let the problems have a greater impact than they really can.

Irete Obara does not give in to blackmail

The person in this letter is threatened with losing his house and his goods if he does not give in to blackmail, do not bow to the enemy, because with the favor of the Orishas you will win.

If you are a woman, do not contract relationships with effeminate men because as a result of this you can suffer a hot flash.

In Irete Obara promises are kept because it is taboo to pawn the word in vain.

Orunmila warns you of three people who are friends and visit your house with bad intentions because deep down their feelings towards you and your family are not sincere.

You ended a romance on bad terms and as a result of resentments the person has thrown curses on you, attend the foot of the great Oracle of Ifá so that you can break these curses.

Ifa of impersonation, beware that the enemy wants to take your place

Irete Obara is fortunate on earth for this reason many people envy him and wish evil for him.

Be affectionate with the people who truly deserve it because not everyone around you should enjoy that privilege.

Do not allow anyone to take your place either in the place where you work or in your home, because if this happens they could rob you of luck.

To prosper you must make changes in your life.

In this Ifá to Obatala Rabbit is offered to him to obtain health and stability.

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