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Advice from Irete Odi: Bad money will bring problems and osogbo

Advice Irete Odi

Oshún the owner of the honey of bees he claims in Irete Odi the attention that one of his daughters lacks and demands that it be returned to him.

Under this letter it is necessary to keep Oshún appeased because with tranquility and joy the queen of all things sweet will be noticed and her hand will not shake to punish the individual who makes the mistake of making any of her descendants suffer.

Always respect the daughters of Oshún.

Ifá prohibits you from using the personal items of others

In Irete Odi the religious is forbidden to use another person's soap for bañarse, because through this simple means you can acquire your osogbos.

Other tips from Irete Odi:

  • This Ifá marks hot flashes, circulatory disorders and others in the lower limbs.
  • Irete Odi must respect the heights and take special care when going down and up the ladder, as she could have an accident on them.
  • Drink only beverages that you know have been made hygienically and you can see the contents of the container in which they are offered.
  • You must use an ildé of Elegguá, holy owner of the roads and protector of destiny, so that with his blessing he can go through life without difficulties.  

Use a rug with a cross of cascarilla to stop the osogbos

Irete Odi must place a rug at the entrance of her ilé (house) under which she must draw a cross of cascarilla.

With this action, you will prevent hexes from entering your home, since everyone who passes by will be purified.

  • orunmila advises the religious to make ebbó to avoid the scourge of an epidemic.
  • This odun indicates respiratory and cardiovascular diseases of urgent medical attention.
  • Ifá where children who live in the ilé should be protected.
  • It is also important to pay the debts owed to the Orishas.
  • In this sign, your enemies are practitioners of the Mayombe stick rule, you must remain alert because in the long run you will be a victim of their curses.

Irete Odi invites the individual to venerate Asian spiritualities

Orunmila recommends you earn your income properly, because bad money will bring you legal problems and delay.

The spirit of the dragon called Kole Mosa in the Yoruba language is born in this odun.

  • Where the individual is invited to venerate the spiritualities from the Asian pantheons by placing incense and rice.  

In Irete Odi all crystal or glass utensils found in theañatwo must be discarded from the home, because by removing them you will remove from your path all the arayés (evils) that are disturbing you.

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