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Interpretation and Advice of the sign of Ifá Irete Ofun Listen to Orula!

Advice Irete Ofun

irete ofun brought to earth the ability to domesticate horses, making them docile to the desires of man, who dared to enslave them in search of favoring their physical strength and their meat.

Ifá warns you with this letter to be careful in the methods that you impose of action, because these new ideas can cause harm to other people, when used at the convenience of only the strongest.

This paradox cites the misrepresentation of teaching, where people can take advantage of your initiatives for their own benefit. 

Ifá says: Take care of your health

This letter advises to pay importance to hernias, especially those related to the scrotum in men, as this condition can have serious health consequences if it is not intervened in time.

The cowbell will bring you the go

In Irete Ofun the religious should not stay in the parks.

In this letter the man discovered that the Almacigo had Ashé and with its leaves topical healing was possible.

One of the secret rituals of this sign consists of placing a cowbell behind the door so that its sound is attracted to iré (luck).

In this sign doing ebbó is essential to overcome difficulties.

Listen to Orunmila and do not deviate from his path

Do not allow your plans to be destroyed by whims, always be clear about your objectives and remove from your life those who wish to get you out of your way.

Listen to the advice that Orunmila the oracle of Ifá Offer him and from today keep respect for the dove, a sacred animal in this sign.

The man in Irete Ofun plays the Batá drum

In Irete Ofun the man was born to play the Batá drum and through this instrument offer admiration to the Orishas.

In this Ifá the debts are paid to Shango through animal sacrifice.

You must not stay in the cornersañaSa your house because in these you can collect curses.

Other religious advice for Irete Ofun

  • Cover your head with a white sleeping cap.
  • Do not get involved in shady deals as this letter speaks of problems with the law.
  • You are a person who cannot go unnoticed by society, so you must maintain an impeccable conduct if you want to get rid of the envy and gossip of the people.

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