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Advice from Irete Ojuani: I will go through the flowers and the river

Advice Irete Ojuani

The Ashé of flowers was born in Irete Ojuani, odun where the religious must tend his garden so that he receives the iré he needs.

This is an Ifá where you have to be dedicated to achieve your goals, it is a sign in which doing things well is not enough.

The Orishas want to see a true effort on your part and depending on the interest you offer, the results will be.

Irete Ojuani is an odun of excellence, where the religious remains dissatisfied when things do not turn out as he expected.

  • Always keep your house scented with flowers and discard them before they wither so that your astral remains clean.

Irete Ojuani's fate is sought on the river bank

In this odun, luck is found on the river bank, the place where the person must appear to visit Oshun and make offerings to him, respect the sons of Oshún.

In this sign the woodpecker built its nest under the guidance of the sound that came from its work when hitting the wood, so that you get your house you must do the same as the woodpecker, work hard.

This lyrics speaks of swollen rivers and eddies, phenomena that happen suddenly and that bring with them numerous changes and repercussions.

Irete Ojuani knows other lands, as she is an odun who talks about evolution and travel.

  • A deceased relative used a cane that still exists in his home, consecrate it and call that spirit through said object.

Serve Eggún in the shade of a tree at his home

Irete Ojuani talks about a tree in your home in which a spirit lives with which you communicate with a whistle.

Take care of the Eggún in the shade of that plant and you will see how your luck improves.

In this odun respiratory problems are suffered where the person suffers from shortness of breath, attend the doctor to check it regularly.

For this odun there are no caged animals in the ilé

The person governed by this sign must take care of their skin, the largest organ of the human being that is affected by the aggressiveness of the sun's rays.

Take care of your children and educate them well and they will know how to return your love and sacrifices.

Do not have caged animals in your house (ilé), as this will bring you and your family backward, avoid raising birds and feathered animals.

Use extreme caution when standing at heights such as stairs or ceilings as you may suffer a fall that will bring fatal consequences.

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