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Advice from Irete Okana, where plans are corrupted from within

Advice Irete Okana

Manipulation of human beings is born in Irete Okana.

Ifá sign where the enemy will try to influence those around you to obtain information about your person in order to defeat you. 

Odun where the plans are destroyed product to people who are part of the work and who speak of more.

Orunmila warns- Enemies are closer than you think, stay alert.

Ifá of marital conflicts and gossip

The religious ruled by this Ifá must take care of envy and gossip.

When this sign appears, the religious partner must be careful when wandering down the street because they are prone to having a hard time being involved in other people's fights.

Irete Okana talks about marital problems that can trigger the breakup of the couple, be careful not to lose family stability.

Life prepared for Irete Okana harsh tests

  • Ifá advises you to stay away from gossip and avoid clarifying false comments about yourself.
  • Respect so that they respect you.
  • Do not promise things that you will not be able to fulfill, because in the long run your word will lose credibility.

Life prepared for Irete Okana hard tests, obstacles that will be overcome with perseverance and faith, never allow someone who has tried less than you to make you feel inferior by detracting from your goal.

Stay focused on reaching your goals and you will reach them.

In this odun the person will return to earth to pay for their sins

Ifá recommends you not to perform bad actions because in this odun the person will return to earth to pay for their sins.

orunmila He advises you to sleep covering your head with a white hat or scarf, to ensure conciliation of sleep and necessary rest.

In this sign, Orunmila is offered a tambourine made of leopard skin.

Other tips from Irete Okana:

  • Give help to the helpless and the crippled,
  • do not be happy about the evil of others and
  • be loyal to whoever has reached out to you.

Irete Okana built a mud house and it fell on her.

  • Do not tell lies so that they do not damage your image, you can lose everything because of a false testimony.
  • Always act with the truth and say what you feel without looking for dañano one
  • Do not take what does not belong to you, thus avoiding embarrassment.
  • Take care of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, have a responsible sexual behavior. 

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