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Advice from the Irete Osa sign: Where the disfigurement of beauty is born

Advice Irete Osa

Irete Osa is an Ifá sign That marks love instability, since the religious find love and when he knows happiness he quickly loses it.

For the person to achieve stability in this area, they must do ebbó at the foot of Orunmila.

In this letter the individual is frowned upon by some people who do not profess the same religion, who question the practices of their faith.

In this Ifá, the disfigurement of beauty is born, so the person must take special care when around:

  • Barbed gates,
  • caustic substances and
  • penetrating sharp objects.

In the same way, you must remain alert when you are near animals and when moving between vehicles on public roads.

In this sign the religious is prone to suffer the loss of a limb or to be marked with a large scar, for that reason he is asked to live with caution.

In order to achieve her independence Irete Osa suffered from deficiencies

For Irete Osa there is nothing more important than her independence, sometimes in her desperate desire to obtain freedom she rushes to leave her home and begins to have needs.

Orunmila teaches through this sign to put aside what hurts us and not to tie ourselves eternally to anything, since immortality is destined in the kingdom of Olofin only for souls.

Irete Osa is a sign where chaos must be avoided after losses, this letter predicts that the oldest of the family will not see the youngest grow up.

Says Orula that two lots await you at the door of your house, blessings that will only come when you cleanse your astral by doing ebbó.

Live in humility and you will find success

To please Eleggua in this odun a little drum is put on it.

The greatest osogbo that man suffers in this Ifá is vanity, learn to live with humility and you will see how your luck will increase.

In this odun, jewels and precious stones were born, so it is a sign that marks abundance.

Wear some garment and work it at the foot of Oshún so that the Ashé is never missing.

The winds of Yansa will bring you the I will

For your marriage to work, your partner must accept and respect your religion, otherwise the relationship will end up being the victim of judgments and misunderstandings.

Receive to Oyá Yansa the holy owner of the spark so that with its winds the Orisha takes away the bad and brings you new and better opportunities.

Everything on earth has a life time

Olodumare determined in Irete Osa that all things would exist on earth until the day his end came.

In this sign the earth is fed once a year in gratitude for the health and goods received during the past twelve months.

Ifá says that if you do not pray to Olofin with all your heart, he will turn a deaf ear to your requests.

Cash is not kept in the house

Irete Osa must be careful when eating food because she can suffer from food poisoning.añathe.

Under this Ifá, the money that is saved cannot be in banknotes because the cockroaches will eat it or you, knowing it hidden, will end up spending it.

Be careful when storing cash in your home because it can be stolen and you lose your savings.

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