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More than 5 Tips for Irete Otrupon The best is yet to come in your life!

Advice Irete Otrupon

In Irete Otrupon Honors are paid to Obatalá Ayagguna, a holy warrior who does justice with his scimitar.

He is the youngest of Baba's avatars and wears a white suit crossed by a red belt.

Warnings and advice for religious in Irete Otrupon

Bath with Okra Santeria
Image of the Okra fruit

1. Taboo in the fruit of the okra

The okra is taboo in this sign of Ifá because when the religious eats it they are delayed.

The most feasible thing is that the individual can use it in rituals to prosper, since it is one of the elements that saves him, hence the need to respect him.

2. In this letter the meat was born to the bone.

Phase that marks prosperity and the arrival of new and better opportunities for the person, since the need is banished, predicting times of abundance.

If Orunmila marks this sign for you, don't worry, great things are yet to come in your life.

3. Remember that your life belongs to Olofin

Irete Otrupon has long been left to the design of Olofin and when the saint requests your presence you will leave this world to meet the Orisha.

By this letter death is respected, but it is lived without fear, since the end of its days will only depend on the will of God.

4. Practice respect above all

Ifá warns you to be careful of suffering a physical aggression motivated by jealousy.

Always keep your distance from people when they are drinking alcoholic beverages and respect for them to respect you. 

In this sign, the family is respected and adultery is not committed, because with this action the osogbo will knock on their door.

5. Grudgeaña the soul

Do not hold a grudge against anyone, or live with resentments so that you can be happy.

Say everything you feel so that in the future you will not be haunted by the ghosts of the past.

6. Reach out as far as you can  

Do not take responsibility for problems outside your family, help your friends or acquaintances in what you can without exceeding the limits.

7. Stay tuned for the road

You are prone to theft because of this odun, which is why you should remain with your guard up.

8. Be a good religious so that I will come

Your destiny will always be intertwined with religion, attend to your eggunes and Orishas so that prosperity comes into your life and never leaves.

9. Meet Obatala and the Orisha will meet you

For pride you can get lost, be humble and follow Obatala's advice with seriousness and patience.

  • Wear white frequently so that your astral remains free of opacities.
  • Meet the white father Obatalá and you will see how the Orisha meets you.

Knowing a little more the signs of Ifá:

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