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Irete Otura and her Councils, where the person was born to shine and be king

Advice Irete Otura

Ifa of slander, odun where the liar will look for a way to raise false testimonies to you to win.

Letter where the person was born to shine and be king on earth, but does not fully exploit their potential.

Ifá recommends that you put aside whims and immaturity and focus on building a path that will lead you to make your actions more productive.

Do not establish convictions for small wrongs

In Irete Otura Obatala he became entangled in the roots of the trees and fell to the ground, cursing and despising the earth for this.

This Ifá teaches the religious not to blame others for their actions, nor should sentences be established for small evils, which in the long run are usually solvable.

This letter describes that you are a person who has sometimes come to give great importance to practically trivial events.

Through this sign, a secret that you keep may come to light, a phenomenon that will cause you embarrassment.

Children must be in the care of parents

Ifá says that the care of the children should be left in the hands of the parents, since this sign marks distancing from the family due to neglect in raising children.

Other tips from Irete Otura:

  • You must be careful of cranial trauma, as such conditions can cause you to lose your life.
  • You can suffer a material loss mainly related to clothing, because under this letter the theft arises.
  • There is also talk of usurpation of roles, where the maid became the lady of the house.
  • Don't give away your position to anyone or allow a stranger to set rules in your home or life.  

In order to reach his luck he must do ebbó

Ifá says that you are a lucky person and if you have not been able to materialize your luck it is because you have not performed ebbó.

In Irete Otura was born avenging the affronts suffered, where orunmila He advises you to always use intelligence before force, because you could be harmed in your desire to deliver justice.

It is taboo in this letter to make difficult promises to keep, because in the long run you run the risk of not being able to materialize your word and be a liar.

Do not use a pregnancy to tie a man, the woman is a single mother.

In Irete Otura marital problems are predicted, where the woman becomes a single mother.

Do not use a pregnancy to tie a man because in the long run if he does not want you he will abandon you to fate.

Because of this sign, secrets should be kept well and avoid being presumptuous, because with self-sufficiency you will lose it.

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