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Advice from the Irete Yeku sign: Letter that marks abandonment in the face of danger

Advice Irete Yeku

The medical conditions of the spine are born in Irete Yeku.

Odun de Ifá where stability for the person is fundamental, a virtue that physically contributes the spine and spiritually the character.

Do not be gullible, check with your elders for religious indications

Ifá advises you not to be credulous in the face of all the indications that you receive from the religious who are not your elders.

Well, in the long run this will be detrimental to you because due to ignorance you can make serious mistakes.

Not everything that they predict will happen, because sometimes bad religious twist the visions and messages in their favor to extort money or make him dependent on his religious house.

A gold garment will bring you luck through Oshún

You must wash in Oshun a gold ring, which will be consecrated in the name of the saint, providing protection and Ashe.

This sign reveals that you are a fortunate person, when you feel dejected take shine baths with four different herbs belonging to your guardian angel to cleanse your astral.

By his way of being he has reaped many enemies

Her outgoing manner has earned her the appearance of numerous enemies, who are envious of her good luck.

By this letter in ancient times the dead were buried in churches.

You must go every year to a church near your home to place flowers in action to those spirits who received an earthly tomb in these institutions in the past, eggunes that will bring you and your family many blessings. 

Some religious advice on Irete Yeku

  1. You must remain alert to your enemies, as they will declare war on you to destabilize you.
  2. Do not curse them or hold a grudge over them, as Olofin will be in charge of giving each one the lesson they deserve.
  3. In Irete Yeku an ajuan to Saint Lazarus is performed and flowers are placed for the Orisha.
  4. Ifá recommends to the religious to pay special attention to the advice coming from this saint because following them will go very far. 

In Irete Yeku, abandonment is marked in the face of the danger that looms

In this sign of disobedience, great things and opportunities are lost.

Pay attention when making group outings, as this letter marks abandonment in the face of danger.

A question that is also valid for love, you must choose your life partner well because in bad times not all people can be faithful or have the courage to support their partner.

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