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Advice and Taboo of Iroso Iwori: Says Ifá that respects the sea and Yemayá

Iroso Iwori Tips

Odun de Ifá where arbovirosis is suffered (virus transmitted by insects), so it is essential to keep the house free of vector deposits.

By this letter the individual visits other lands and becomes infected with endemic diseases in the area.

Iroso Iwori's main osogbo is ingratitude.

It is the duty of the religious to know how to repay the good actions that he has received and also the bad ones with signs of forgiveness.

No other people's responsibilities are taken

The religious in Iroso Iwori carries a burden that is difficult to bear, you have assigned yourself responsibilities that do not concern you and now you don't know how to put them aside.

Be practical in making your decisions and live with dreams and aspirations, but with your feet on the ground.

Know the taboos of Iroso Iwori

In this odun the religious must consult himself before crossing the sea because it is a sign in which shipwrecks and the loss of life in the ocean are born.

Iroso Iwori should exercise caution:

  • When I go to the beach,
  • must not visit the depths
  • nor committing recklessness in the water.

You must not act as a sailor or save lives on the beach.

Respect Yemaya and your children, avoid black beans as they are taboo in Iroso Iwori.

Honesty will open many doors on your way

Iroso Iwori marks sudden and irreversible changes in the life of the religious, so it is recommended to take care of health and save money for times of scarcity.

Never take what does not belong to you, try to lead an honest life so that you do not have the painful need to get involved in legal problems and new and better opportunities appear in your life.

Pride is a bad advisor for Iroso Iwori

In Iroso Iwori, pride is a bad advisor because such a feeling will lead him to make bad decisions on repeated occasions.

Beware of organic and functional central nervous system diseases.

Stay calm in calamities and focus your thinking positively so that you can successfully overcome adversity.

Irous Iwori can be found alone in the world and disoriented

In this Ifá the person can lose their way finding themselves disoriented in life.

This letter marks problems in conceiving the offspring, so it is recommended that the couple go to the doctor and register at the foot of Orunmila.

You must learn to better value what he has because sometimes he is not aware of the value of what he possesses.

Sometimes he is not able to perceive his achievements and for this he feels frustrated.

Life is not about fighting against yourself, but taking all that energy by investing it in facing adversity without emitting regrets.

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