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Advice from the Iroso Ka sign: Odun where mirages of Love are suffered

Iroso Ka Tips

Ifa of betrayal, where the best friend becomes the worst enemy.

Odun where secrets are not shared, because doing so ceases to be confidential.

This letter marks violence between human beings.

Ifá says that sometimes you He acts too impulsively and tends to hurt those around him with his words, moderate your temper so that you can make better decisions.

In your home there cannot be a hostile environment because in this way you will never end up achieving happiness, all the members of the family must work so that harmony reigns.

In this odun the man promises marriage in vain to the woman

Iroso Ka is an odun of deception, where the man courts the woman to share a bed with her and after he succeeds, he abandons her offering superficial excuses.

By this letter the person is deluded with marriage and at the moment of truth his partner does not keep his word.

For this Ifá, the woman must choose well the father of her children because she runs the risk of being a single mother, so that this does not happen to her, she must go to the foot of Orunmila.

Some caveats of the sign:

  • You should refresh yourself by begging your head with coconut or fresh fruits.
  • In Iroso Ka Oshún the earth came down and blessed it with riches.
  • Ifá says that Orula will save you, receive this Orisha so that stability will come to your life.
  • This sign marks disputes between siblings over old quarrels that have again seen the light.

For your plans to solidify make ebbó

You have plans that you have not been able to fulfill due to obstacles that have unexpectedly come your way, do ebbó so that your goals can be fulfilled.

Through Ifá you will have:

  • Economic independence,
  • own house and
  • happiness.

Do not lose patience in the face of adversity, do not despair with the arrival of problems because tragedies are not eternal.

Thank your Orishas for all they have given you

Respect the sea, do not go into its depths and be careful while bathing in the water.

Do not take care of other people's children, or raise your hand to attack anyone.

Give thanks to the Orishas for all they have given you and keep the spiritual vault taken care of.

In order for your marriage to prosper, take care of Oshun, always put sunflowers and lilies so that tranquility comes to your home.

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