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Advice from Iroso Meyi: Investigating reveals what you do not want to know

Tips Iroso Meyi

The Ifá board represents the odun Iroso Meyi, where the religious goes to the foot of Orunmila in search of:

  • Stability,
  • health and
  • long life.

This is a sign of divination, so the person comes to possess clairvoyant gifts.

Iroso Meyi is also linked to the sunset and with it to the closing of cycles in his life, where Orula recommends that he not drag old grudges or wounds from the past to his present.

You must forgive and forget in order to be happy.

Ifá recommends you not to inquire too much where you should not

The existence of the unknown is born in Iroso Meyi where Ifá recommends you not to inquire too much where you should not, because you may end up discovering things that you wish you had better not known.

In this letter the person can suffer depression and try to kill himself, an action that should never be carried out because:

There is no problem, no matter how big, that has no solution, either in the short or long term.

Which Orisha protects Iroso Meyi?

Under this letter the person tends to be forgetful, you can only trust your family because doing so from other people will end up disgusted.

Obatalá, the Orisha who owns all heads He always comes to his defense and helps him overcome difficulties.

Comply with him and thank him for everything he has done for you, respect his advice and you will see how your life will go in the right direction. 

Don't settle for little without sinning out of ambition

In this sign, cigars are worked to harm the person, do not accept cigars from anyone, when you want one, buy it yourself.

This is a sign of battles where you must receive the Warrior Orishas to beat.

Sawdust was born in Iroso Meyi, you should never settle for sawdust shavings, always fight for what you deserve and do not settle for little without sinning out of ambition.

Sawdust also represents your enemies, people who have survived taking advantage of you and your luck.

Don't let anyone absorb your opportunities and your Ashe.

In Iroso Meyi the great trees are felled

In this sign, the great trees are felled, a phenomenon that represents the desire that his enemies feel to see him fall.

You cannot give that pleasure to any person, fight to achieve your goals and even in misfortune you know how to breathe and move forward, because malicious people will take comfort in your suffering.

Don't share your secrets or weaknesses so that no one can take you down.

Iroso Meyi marks sufferings and misfortunes when the advice of Ifá is not respected.

In this sign it is taboo:

  • Visit cemeteries,
  • you must respect Indian bananas and
  • the monkeys, for being sacred in this odun.

In Iroso Meyi with humility and patience you go far in life.

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