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Advice from odun Iroso Obara: The unity of the brothers is a great I will

Tips Iroso Obara

Silence will always be the greatest virtue of Iroso ObaraIn this odun the religious must be cautious in his actions to obtain a resounding victory.

In this letter there is an Eggún belonging to his spiritual picture that lives in the kitchen of his house.

For this reason, you have potential to exploit in the culinary sector, which will be very useful when you are going through financial problems.

Keep an assist for this spirit in the less hot corner of this place.

In Iroso Obara silence will always be the greatest virtue

When you have plans or are going to leave your house, never tell the curious where you are going, nor do you reveal what you are going to do because their bad thinking will frustrate your purposes.

In Iroso Obara misfortune is born as a result of poisoning, be careful when labeling toxic liquids so that you do not suffer this osogbo.

In this Ifá, suicide with toxic substances or drugs is taboo because in the execution of the action, his life will go away.

The Jimaguas will be a bulwark in your life

Receive to the Jimaguas so that it comes into your life:

  • Good fortune,
  • the gift of motherhood or fatherhood,
  • health and
  • joy.

Make these mischievous Orishas a party, a treat where sweets and candies cannot be missed.

  • Do not dress in black clothes because this color will bring you bad luck.
  • orunmila in this odun he is a defender of women and whoever harms them will suffer from his wrath.

The unit of the brothers will be the oldest of the family

To obtain development, lean on your brothers.

If one of these is deceased, take care of him and give him Mass for the Church, make sure that the flowers are never missing in his name and when he has problems, talk about them with him, who in his dreams will help him to see the solutions for them.

If your siblings are alive, join them to resolve their concerns, because together they will achieve better results.

The death of the head of the family cannot bring chaos to the home

In Iroso Obara, with the death of the head of the family, the enemy expects chaos and disunity to reign over the house, osogbos that must be avoided at all costs.

The duel can never give rise to the siblings getting into each other, they must remain united because it is the will of Olofin.

You were cursed by a person who combs gray hair

Ifá warns you of the curse of a person who combs gray hair on his ilé (house), where this individual wishes him the very death, because he feels offended by an action that you caused him in the past.

Respect those around you so that osogbos are not the pay for your actions.

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