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Advice from Iroso Odi: Youth and Experience do not go hand in hand

Tips Iroso Odi

In Iroso Odi women rule, this is a sign in which a great man is nothing without a great woman by his side.

In this Ifá, the woman becomes the main pitchfork of the house.

orunmila recommends to the religious:

Always ask your mother for the blessing before leaving and have attentions with her, not only material but also spiritual, letting her know how valuable she is in your life and how much you love her.

In this letter, for the marriage to be successful, the couple must trust each other and share decision-making, reaching an agreement before undertaking a new project or ending an affair, the man's iré will be on his wife and vice versa.

In this Ifá the cedar tree became bitter due to its experience and the countless disappointments it had suffered at the hands of humanity, while the almond was sweet, young and inexperienced.

It is in this odun where the religious over the years is gaining in experience getting to be able to penetrate people just by seeing them, so that their character becomes somewhat closed.

While young people do not understand this attitude and live thinking that everyone around them will approach them with good intentions.

  • In this sign when one of the offerings made to orula there are sixteen sweets that contain almonds.

Do not trust anyone, because in trust will be the danger

By this sign, when the person knows prosperity and development, they do not want to suffer deficiencies again.

Achondroplasia was born in Iroso Odi, a disease of genetic origin in which people have a severe growth defect.

By this letter they treat you with falsehood and wish you evil even in your narrowest circle of friends.

Do not trust anyone, because in trust will be the danger, as long as you are distrustful it will be impossible for you to run into failure.

Fight for your dreams and don't put them aside

Remember: Fight for your dreams and do not put them aside even though the road to them becomes rough, because in this sign Orunmila gave up a few steps from the goal and this action weighed on him the rest of his life.

Ifá says that you will find luck in your children, they will be a source of pride for you, always protect your family and turn your house into a home where you can take refuge from the outside world.

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