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Advice and taboos of Iroso Ofun: In this sign the Ashé is in the head

Iroso Ofun Tips

Do your business with trustworthy and legal people.

This is one of the advice that Orunmila offers to Iroso Ofun, because through this letter the oracle warns the man that otherwise he will be able to spend a long time in jail.

In this sign it is taboo to haggle over the price of religious ceremonies, as the Ifá priest will not know your purchasing power but the Orishas will, do not be stingy or skimp on resources to save yourself.

Ifá says that you should moderate what you speak, because it is not convenient to tell the world your plans or your secrets, because there will always be an ill-intentioned person who will implicitly or explicitly want your dreams to collapse.

In this sign the Ashé is in the head, in the power that the person possesses to use intelligence to make good decisions.

It is taboo in this letter to pawn the money of others

In Iroso Ofun, the impure union between members of the same family and sexual dysfunction are born.  

It is taboo in this letter to pawn the money of others because in the long run you will not be able to get it back, an event that will bring you great problems.

Ifá recommends you be careful when choosing your godfather or godmother, as this will be a decision for life.

At the door of your house you should place a muddy carpet with cascarilla so that the osogbos cannot enter through the footprints left by the shoes on the ground.

A Jewish garment is buried in his house, the moment you find it, consult your elders because that religious power should not remain there.

Never join your life to a person who has been unfaithful to you, your happiness will not be there

Iroso Ofun speaks of betrayal during the engagement, never join his life with that of a person who has been unfaithful, because next to this he will not find his happiness.

Ifá says that many of the problems that you go through in your life will be linked to third parties, do ebbó so that you emerge victorious from these battles.

In this letter Eshú demands attention and demands that the pawned word be paid to him.

Don't Be Confused: Your Worst Enemies Are Closer To You Than You Think

Your worst enemies are closer to you than you think, only time and misadventures will make you understand the aforementioned. 

Hold on to Obatala To accomplish your goals, the holy owner of all heads will provide you with the intelligence you need to win.

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