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Advice from Iroso Ogunda: Ifá where you feel that time stands still

Tips Iroso Ogunda

Iroso Ogunda marks the stoppage of time, where:

  • The clocks are stopped,
  • the bullet fails to exit the revolver and
  • the water is stagnant.

In this sign, the religious has not managed to evolve and has been stranded for a long time at the same point, he feels that he has not advanced as he should and that he has not managed to make things go as expected.

You cannot have broken ornaments in your house or watches that have drained the battery because this will slow you down.

Comply with Ifá and your doctor and you will have a peaceful life

Sudden death due to cardiac arrest was born in Iroso Ogunda, where the person falls before reaching the hospital.

To delay that letter you must be careful:

  • Check yourself periodically,
  • comply with the imposed medical treatment,
  • lead a healthy life and
  • perform physical exercises.

Ifá says that if the religious governed by this letter needs to undergo a surgical intervention, they must go to the foot of Oggún to perform ebbó.

Save money so you can support yourself in tough times

Under this sign the person should avoid meddling in business matters as it could be harmed.

orunmila advises you to save money for the future as difficult times could knock on your door.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages because when you drink your personality is transformed in an abysmal way.

You must always have only one word before the world

You must be well defined and always give a single word to the world.

In this sign, a bottle of wine is paid to Orunmila because in this Ifá the grape harvest was born, a phenomenon of harvesting the grape and later its harvest to obtain the wine.

In this sign the person usually loses himself in his thought, remaining completely abstracted from reality.

Ifá says: do not reveal your secrets because with these you will be discredited and hurt

  • In this sign the man must scratch himself before crowning the Osha.
  • To attract good luck, the religious should wear a red cap or scarf.
  • In this Ifá, the dog was killed for being a talker and a gossiper. You must stay away from gossip so as not to be harmed by it. 
  • Respect the sea because you could have an accident in it.

Iroso Ogunda is a sign that marks treason, where his greatest enemy in the past was a great friend of his.

Orula advises him not to tell his secrets to anyone, because in this Ifá secrets are used to destroy and discredit the person.

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