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Tips and secrets from Iroso Ojuani: Be cautious and they won't steal your luck

Tips Iroso Ojuani

Iroso Ojuani, the king who lost his crown, odun de Ifá that warns the loss of the status possessed either by impersonation or by disability.

  • In this sign the religious can make a will, but he does not give his property as an inheritance while he is on the plane of the earth because he can remain on the street.
  • In this letter the secrets of success are not revealed as it marks the theft of luck.
  • Be careful of health problems related to high blood pressure, which could lead to bleeding.
  • In this odun, Shangó and Elegguá are worshiped, saints on whom the religious relies to defeat wars.
  • You must respect the fire because you could be marked by it.

Osogbo to Iroso Ojuani comes through a woman

In Iroso Ojuani the religious must put on showy clothes and go to a place where many people gather and then return home and dress in white, so that Obatala recognize him and give him a lot that belongs to him.

The osogbos of the religious ruled by Iroso Ojuani you get:

  • Hand in hand with women, so men are advised to respect them and avoid infidelities by all means.

Ifá where music is a great element to overcome

In this sign, the godfather is in the duty of teaching his godchildren so that they learn to be independent and to found their religious house with their own hands.

In this Ifá music was born, being the person fond of this artistic discipline.

When you feel sad, put on music so that the melody banishes the sadness and the osogbos from your home.

Where vices and corruption reign you will not be happy

Ifá says that in this odun Orunmila had to leave his land because it was a corrupt place where vices reigned.

You cannot live with anyone who suffers from these ills because together with that person you will never be happy.

In Iroso Ojuani the consumption of:

  • Alcoholic drinks,
  • illegal substances such as drugs and
  • other types of narcotics.

Ifá advice for the religious ruled by Iroso Ojuani

  • In Iroso Ojuani, the religious are lucky for money.
  • The woman in this sign does not have marital stability due to a spirit that disturbs her, Ifá advises her to go to the foot of Orula so that this changes.
  • You must be very selective when choosing your friends, because not everyone who comes to your door will be worthy of your favors and affection.

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