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Ifá advice for the religious ruled by Iroso Okana Never curse!

Iroso Okana Tips

Iroso Okana was the most reckless Of all the soldiers that made up Olofin's army, his bravery and prowess on the battlefield were impressive.

Due to that indisputable lack of fear, Iroso Okana was easily wounded and could never appear in the decisive battles of the war despite being the best soldier.

Through this sign Orunmila advises the religious not to be the one who takes the initiative in all tasks, because due to his willfulness he can be harmed.

Iroso Okana is very capable and that is why the people around him shield their responsibilities from him.

For this odun the person should not expose himself in the face of dangers avoiding:

  • Combat sports,
  • the irresponsible use of knives and
  • extreme sports and attractions.

As a product to a false step, your life and the culmination of your projects can be harmed.

In Iroso Okana no offspring are procreated with just anyone

Orunmila tells you to study religion, because in the future you could save many lives and even live thanks to its practices.

This odun marks that the person has not been able to find the love of his life, which is why he feels distressed.

You should not rush into making decisions, as you could misrepresent your destiny.

In this letter offspring are not procreated with any person, it is necessary before having a time of courtship to be able to know each other better and know if your partner is the person who should accompany you.añado it on this end.

Do not abandon your family because you will suffer needs

Iroso Okana marks infatuation with forbidden and inconvenient loves.

In this letter you should pay attention to the advice of parents, you cannot allow passion to blind you.

Carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your partner and under no circumstances abandon your family as you will experience unnecessary needs and suffering.

Iroso Okana in a foreign house will be the slave and will suffer humiliation.

Ifá says: Never curse or wish evil on anyone

Never curse or wish evil on anyone because bad thoughts will fall on you.

  • By this sign you should be cautious as you are prone to a traffic accident.
  • Lean on Shango to solve his problems, because the holy owner of the candle will always defend him.
  • Do not keep clothes or belongings of the deceased at home, as they will come to claim what belongs to you.
  • Be careful with the candle as you can suffer serious accidents.

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