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Advice from Iroso Osa: You cannot cry misery because bad luck calls

Tips Iroso Osa

In Iroso Osa you have to have Shango before making decisions.

In this Ifá the Orisha cursed the women because they did not fulfill the promises made.

In this letter, you have to put Shango in front of the main door of the house so that luck comes to the house.

Ifá says that the Orisha who owns the candle he will be your confidant, your friend and your father at the same time for which you owe him obedience and respect.

Ask him for his blessing every day upon awakening so that spiritually the saint covers you with his mantle and your plans are not twisted by the misfortune wished upon you by the envious hearts of your declared and hidden enemies.

The poplar is the sacred herb in this Ifá

The lustrales cleanings and the remains in the house of Iroso Osa are carried out with poplar, a sacred herb in this Ifá.

In this letter, Oshún demands to live with a differentiated treatment with respect to the other Orishas and to be placed on an independent altar where only she reigns above all the saints.

Iroso Osa cannot cry misery because it is called bad luck

Iroso Osa cannot cry misery because with this action you call yourself bad luck.

  • Under this odun the person has money saved and gets upset when he has to spend it.
  • Do not acquire debts with people, but less with the Orishas.
  • Always respect the elderly, especially their relatives and godparents in religion.

It is strictly forbidden for the believer to lose faith

Despite the adversities that one goes through, it is strictly forbidden for the believer to lose faith.

Instead of doing this, the religious should think about his actions, which are often the ones that lead him to suffer misfortunes.

You should not rush to make decisions, because in a hurry you run the risk of taking a wrong step and being harmed.

You need to temper your character and learn to think rather than speak.

Be careful with the candle, in this odun the person suffers burns

You must be careful not to get burned from the candle or hot water.

This sign marks losses mediated by these phenomena.

Never leave your home without checking that there is a burning candle or burner.

For this reason, it is not smoked on the bed as the person can fall asleep and a fatal accident may occur.

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