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Iroso Oshe: Ifá where malicious people are unmasked

Tips Iroso Oshe

In this sign the arayé (problems) brings it a person of small stature, therefore, Iroso Oshe should not marry a person with this physical characteristic.

Iroso Oshe's Powerful Advice for Religious

In this letter the use of oil lamps and vegetable oil for cooking was born.

orunmila recommends the religious to avoid foods full of animal fats as these are harmful to the body.

This sign warns of the suffering of conditions related to:

  • The gallbladder and
  • atherosclerosis.

Iroso Oshe marks loss of remains of deceased relatives

In Iroso Oshe, the religious must exhume their deceased and place them in an ossuary, keeping an eye on their location in the cemetery, because in this odun there are losses of family remains.

Orunmila says that you should not cry misery or complain about lack of money because this will bring you more backwardness.

It is necessary that you perform masses for your Eggunes so that they obtain greater spiritual strength.

Receive Orula's hand to find stability in life

Orunmila is the intermediary between Iroso Oshe and his guardian angel, therefore, it is recommended that the person receive Orula's hand so that they can find stability in life.

Oshún, the Orisha who owns honey she is the protector of the person ruled under Iroso Oshe.

Therefore, the saint demands a differentiated treatment, where the religious must give her the place she deserves in her life.

Don't wear inherited garments because this will set you back

In this Ifá it is taboo to wear inherited garments, because with this action the person collects the osogbos of the previous owners.

You must go to the foot of Orunmila and pray to safeguard the tranquility and the life of you and your loved ones.

This letter warns of the arrival of wars on his way, which he will win with the support of his Eggunes and Orishas.

Ifá where malicious people are unmasked

The mother is Iroso Oshe's greatest fortune.

Orunmila recommends that you take care of her and get closer to her, so that she never regrets a second wasted by her side.

  • Be careful of being in a car accident or serious injury from the candle.
  • You are an envied person and many of those who call themselves your friends today will betray you in the future.
  • In this sign, the religious is told to place a mask behind the door of his house to unmask people who come to his ilé (house) with bad intentions.

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