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The Councils of Iroso Otrupon, an Ifá of impersonations and falsehoods

Iroso Otrupon Tips

The sense of hearing was born in Iroso Otrupon, Ifá sign where it is necessary to know how to listen before speaking.

In this letter, living beings learned to communicate and from there they were able to seal trade and peace agreements.

In this odun the religious should not anticipate events because in despair will be his downfall.

Iroso Otrupon marks theft and forcible abandonment of material goods.

You were born to work in trades where thought is the prime mover such as office jobs and leadership positions.

You were not born to earn a living through excessive physical exertion.

Do you know the diseases of Iroso Otrupon?

You must be careful of suffering from diseases related to the spine and sexually transmitted diseases, so it is recommended that you have protected sex and that you seek stable relationships.

Hernias will be another of the diseases that are born in this Ifá.

In Iroso Otrupon, women and men are the same for Olofin

In Iroso Otrupon, women and men have equal rights in the eyes of Olofin, in this sign abuse of power is prohibited.

Marriage must be conducted with respect and fairness for it to function properly and the relationship to be long-lasting.

The sacrifice will bring you I will go to your projects

Respect must be a standard in the life of the religious, if you are going to demand of others you must first lead by example.

In Iroso Otrupon, so that the flowers could smell, the gardener watered them with his sweat.

With this orunmila He advises the religious that in order for the projects he undertakes to sprout, he must dedicate time and sacrifice to them.

Only then will you feel the fruits of your work completely yours and know that it was worth having plunged into it.

Man seeks stability in this sign

In Iroso Otrupon, man seeks security and stability for his life, his greatest desire is to form his own family and live in harmony with the world.

In this sign the religious is the victim of betrayals, sufferings and disappointments, but in the long run he will obtain what he has longed for, as long as he does not lose faith.

Iroso Otrupon: Ifá of impersonations and falsehoods

The glossy baths with white flowers and perfume are ideal for cleaning Iroso Otrupon's astral.

In this Ifá, to deliver trust before the person must have earned it.

Do not share your secrets with anyone, because in this Ifá the enemy steals luck and projects.

In Iroso Otrupon, impersonations and false friends are born.

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