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Advice from the odun Iroso Otura: Ifá where evils are uprooted

Tips Iroso Otura

Oggún the Orisha who owns the work governs the odun Iroso Otura.

The deity in his two avatars of iron forger and copper smelter, speaks to the religious about the importance of keeping a stable job with which to support the family.

Oggún warns of the possible need for the religious to need an emergency surgical intervention.

It is necessary not to carry weapons in this area and pay special attention when handling knives and other sharp objects.

Take care of having an accident while traveling on public roads. 

Eggún will bring you luck and development

Conditions related to the liver and gallbladder are the main health problems suffered by Iroso Otura, pathologies that require medical monitoring.

The fate of the men and women ruled by this sign is found in the attention to the Eggunes, who will be the providers of all the blessings that come to the life of the believer.

Always keep your spirits with full service so they feel cared for.

On the days when you feel tormenting, go to the spiritual vault, let go and air your worries with them.

In this Ifá family planning is born

In this letter it is taboo to mistreat children, hence the importance of planning the formation of the family.

Orunmila advises you to conceive offspring once you have enjoyed your youth and fulfilled most of your goals, mainly those related to the professional field, so that when your children arrive you will not feel frustrated.

In Iroso Otura it is necessary to reinforce Oggún

Iroso Otura prohibits man from consuming excessive alcoholic beverages and eating rooster is considered prohibited.

In this Ifá the religious must reinforce Oggún, the Orisha is placed inside his cauldron with an iron ékuele.

In this letter, the person is unable to marry the desired spouse and for his wish to be satisfied he must do ebbó at the foot of Orunmila.

Orula marks in this odun to receive the Warrior Orishas to obtain stability, seat, rest and long life.

Avoid sitting on the doorstep and on street corners because you can be the victim of an osogbo in these places.

Evils are uprooted

Because of this, evils are uprooted so that they have real solutions.

  • Do not be infatuated with dedicating yourself to professions in which you do not have a vocation, because in the long run you will end up frustrated.
  • Ifá warns you of a robbery that has to occur in your home, be careful so that the letter is not fulfilled.
  • Always respect older people and avoid arguing with them.

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