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Advice, taboos and works in Iroso Umbo: Ifá of abandonment and disappointments

Iroso Umbo Tips

iroso umbo He is a religious who came to earth blessed by Orunmila.

When a person draws this letter, all the ceremonies corresponding to the Osha-Ifá should be done for free, because with his sole presence the individual will leave him unknowingly lucky.

Odun Iroso Umbo's advice and warnings

This letter marks abandonment, as the Pataki relates that the men left for war, leaving the women alone and at the end of this some did not return because they had been claimed by death and others because they had found new company on the battlefield.

Through this sign, the religious is advised to choose well the person with whom he will share his life so as not to suffer disappointments later.

Under this letter, distance relationships are not established, because these for you will not work.

Some powerful tips for life:

  • In Iroso Umbo two black chickens are offered to Orunmila in gratitude.
  • You must watch out for cardiovascular and endocrine metabolic diseases.
  • Always be careful on public roads and in places that are in construction processes as you could lose one of your limbs.

Ritual: 5 honey sticks at the foot of Oshún for the iré

To stay steady and stable you must place in front of your Oshun five pomitos (small container) with honey.

In this letter it is taboo:

  • Eating excess animal fats.
  • Enter empty houses because you could pick up an Eggún that is incarnated in the ilé or lose something inside the house and be accused of being a thief.

Under this odun, public trials are suffered and false testimonies are raised about the person.

As long as respect reigns in your house there will be no conflicts

  • You must always have a complete service in Eggún where you place food and flowers.

Ifá says that your family has not finished accepting the person you chose to start a family.

Establish the rules of coexistence between both parties so that respect reigns in your home and a war does not break out over this phenomenon.

Ifá recommends that you be merciful to beggars and those in need.

  • Do not wear black clothes because this will slow you down.
  • This is an Ifá where tests of faith are suffered and the person can suffer a robbery.
  • Do not defame other people or tell your secrets to anyone.

The religious in this sign has suffered needs in his life, coming to depend on other people to be able to eat.

In honor of that past of scarcity that you suffered, Ifá recommends that you be merciful to beggars and provide help to those in need.

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