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Tips from Iwori Bogbe Stay calm so you don't lose your mind!

Tips Iwori Bogbe

The affections of the psyche are born in the odun of Ifá Iwori Bogbe.

Sign in which the religious is recommended not to lose calm in the face of adversity, thus preventing stress from dominating the situation and the person developing an anxiety attack or suffering a relapse of their underlying disease.

Iwori Bogbe is a sign where the head of the family is spoken of, warning that when this person leaves the plane of the earth, his relatives separate and chaos reigns in the home.

In this sign was born:

  • Greed and
  • mischief.

Traits that when used in moderation lead man to success, but when such behaviors are taken excessively, they become defects and the person is led by them to perdition.

Ifá is not worked while there are inclement weather

In this sign it is taboo to eat a dove, because with this animal the religious man saves his lerí (head).

The individual governed by this odun of Ifá will lead a hectic and stormy life, where he will put anything before his person.

Iwori Bogbe should not work the religious field in bad weather days, because none of the works that he does under inclement weather will have the results he hopes for.

Your Ifá must live in a wooden receptacle

In this letter the person progresses in life, but it takes a lot of sacrifice to achieve it.

In Iwori Bogbe, the man pays homage to the ceiba tree, because in the top of this sacred tree orunmila lived with his wife.

It is recommended to the religious ruled under this sign that his Ifá live in a wooden container.

By this letter the debts contracted with Shango are fulfilled.

Ifá of abandonment, where lack of commitment is taboo

Iwori Bogbe speaks of promiscuity and lack of commitment to the children, because in one of the patakis that governs this sign, the pigeon leaves the loft leaving the pigeons.

This is a letter where people do not keep their word.

Orunmila says that Iwori Bogbe dies alone.

In this odun, loved ones are given everything in life because once they leave this world, flowers and candles are worth nothing if they lacked affection and care while they were on the plane of the earth.

If Iwori Bogbe is obedient, he will live long on earth and will get what he wants.

In this letter it is taboo:

  • Drink alcoholic beverages and
  • consuming illicit substances.
  • Under this odun they suffer from gastrointestinal disorders.

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