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Ritual and Advice of Iwori Ika: Ifá of impersonation and love disappointments

Tips Iwori Ika

In Iwori Ika the dispute between yam and malanga is born, a war between similar people, but not the same, where power and fame mark the goal.

In this sign, the yam wanted to take the place of the taro in the kitchen and failed, and the taro wanted to have the same utility as the yam in Ifá, discovering defeat in this undertaking.

The person will come to shine in this sign, but only in the work in which he is truly talented.

The religious is advised not to want to impersonate another person, because in this effort he will find failure.

Do you know this work to evolve into Iwori Ika?

To evolve into Iwori Ika the religious:

  1. He goes to the cemetery with a bouquet of flowers,
  2. invokes the blessing of their spirits and cleanses himself with it and
  3. later he places the bouquet on an abandoned grave to finish the action.

Do not try to find out on a whim what by law you should not know

Ifá says that in order for things to flow well in your marriage and there are no misunderstandings, you should do ebbó at the foot of orula.

In this sign the woman has a highly developed sixth sense and it is through her intuition and the help of the spirits that she manages to develop.

The osogbo for which Iwori Ika is lost is curiosity.

Ifá advises you not to be curious and worry only about the issues that concern you, do not try to find out on a whim what by law you should not know.

Ifá says: In Iwori Ika, love disappointments are suffered

In this Ifá the person can fall in love with the best friend of his current partner, therefore, Orula advises him to keep a distance from this person so as not to fall into hot flashes.

In this sign, betrayal is paid with life, so it is recommended to put infidelities aside to be able to live in peace.

Also in this Ifá you suffer from love disappointments, but you are not a slave to unhappiness, in the place or with the person that you do not feel well do not stay.

Other powerful tips:

  • The individual born under the sign Iwori Ika has great strength in the lower limbs, which is why he would have great success in careers related to dance and sports.
  • You must take care of the people around you out of pure interest, because deep down none of these human beings value your friendship and they are only by your side to live benefiting from your success and your material assets.
  • Luck will come to your destination through the hands of a woman, be considerate of women and Orula will thank you.

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