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Iwori Iroso: In this Ifá the swamp and the stagnation of the person are born

Tips Iwori Iroso

Odun of hypocrisy, where the person is treated out of interest.

This letter warns of the lurking of false friends and people with double faces.

Some tips from Odun Iwori Iroso:

Odúa, Olokun and Orisha Oko will be holy bastions in his life, Orishas representing the Eggunes, family and stability on the plane of the earth respectively.

Out of envy they ruin the religious his business and prestige

In Iwori Iroso they suffer from edema, mainly in the lower limbs, Ifá advises you to go to the doctor to find the etiology of this condition.

In this sign people were envious of the merchant and to ruin his prosperity they began to defame his business accusing him of fraudulent.

Says Orula that false testimonies have been raised about you and what you should do to clean up your image is:

  • To continue being with integrity as before,
  • turn a deaf ear to slander and
  • be more selective with your friends, because not everyone who approaches you will be worthy of knowing your secrets.

Ifá that marks material and spiritual losses and thefts

This letter marks theft, both of material things and of ideas.

You cannot reveal your projects to anyone, as you run the risk of being stolen from you.

In this Ifá the pigeons corrupted the behavior of the pigeon, adapting it to have a good life without working.

Therefore, the day you want to have a partner, you must adapt it to cooperate in the expenses of the house and never allow anyone to live from your sacrifice.

Eshú works with figs and fig leaves

Elegguá will be the Orisha who will come to his defense helping him to overcome adversity.

For this odun Eshú works with figs and fig leaves.

Iwori Iroso due to life circumstances can grow away from his father or mother, but in old age they will need his person.

If you are a good son, you will get Olofin's blessing.

In this Ifá the swamp and the stagnation of the person are born

Iwori Iroso is the Ifá of the swamp where the person has not reached the stability they need.

By this sign nothing is certain and the person will go through work to achieve their purposes.

In this Ifá, problems with justice should be avoided because the evidence that concerns your case may be buried in the mud and later appear.

Do not embark on businesses that can overcome it, as you can get stuck in these and be harmed.

The person becomes long-lived as long as he takes life in stride

The religious ruled by Iwori Iroso is represented through the parrot, where you must learn to be measured with your words and not repeat rumors because gossip will only bring you backwardness and problems.  

In this Ifá the person becomes long-lived as long as he learns to give importance to what is truly worthwhile.

Orunmila says that you are romantic and in love.

You must respect the mat and not walk on it with shoes.

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