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Advice from Iwori Meyi: where the talent to develop the intellect is born

Tips Iwori Meyi

Olofin called a meeting to give the Orishas an important task, which consisted in the possibility of ruling twelve months on earth.

The designated saint would have the opportunity to be accompaniedañaby a counselor, being necessary to make the life of human beings in the world more bearable, being informed that they are the most responsible for the success of the mission.

Thus, in the Yoruba pantheon, the ceremony of selecting the Orishas that will rule over the plane of the earth is born, in the ritual where the letter of the year is drawn.

Learn from your past, but don't live in it

Iwori Meyi talks about an obstacle that the person overcame but that left him forever marked.

orunmila He recommends that you see the positive side of this event so that you can learn from your mistakes and feel rejoiced at your victories.

In this letter, you must not remain in the past, you must struggle to live in the present and set out for a better and more prosperous future.

Odun where parents are a great bulwark in the life of the religious.

In this sign it is taboo not to give your children affection and attention

In this sign, it is taboo not to give children the affection and attention they deserve.

You must moderate your character and learn to keep your secrets better by preventing public participation in your personal affairs.

In Iwori Meyi there is talk of the faculty that geniuses possess to manifest through the air.

This letter explains the presence of an Arab dead in his spiritual commission which is represented by an oil lamp.

In Iwori Meyi the talent that is needed to develop the intellect is born

You must take extreme precautions when you have your menstrual period because with a sanitary pad they can perform a charm on you.

In Iwori Meyi the talent that is needed to develop the intellect is born, it is an odun where the person becomes recognized in the field in which he works.

It is the sign in which the religious invokes the power of Mother Nature to overcome adversity.

  • The day of the week where Iwori Meyi is luckiest is Wednesday.

Use Caution When Crossing Railroad Lines

In this letter the person must exercise caution when crossing the railway lines so that they do not suffer an accident.

  • In this odun it is taboo to eat rooster and cornmeal.
  • Iwori Meyi marks family disgust because of an inheritance that relatives dispute while the owner is still alive.
  • This sign warns of marital instability due to infidelities.

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