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Advice from Iwori Obara: The Treasurer of the Crystal Heart Sinned for Nobleman

Tips Iwori Obara

The treasurer of the crystal heart is Iwori Obara, a religious who sins by having noble feelings.

In this sign the person is harmed because he blindly believes in human improvement, many people have taken advantage of his good will.

Phenomenon by which you have been hurt.

Some tips for the Iwori Obara sign:

  • Continue to do good, but do not make excessive sacrifices for those who do not deserve it.
  • Forge your character and learn to apply to each one what he reaps with his actions towards you.
  • Give yourself to respect so that they respect you and before demanding make sure you have set an example.
  • Wear decorum as a banner during your passage through earth and in this way you will live in peace with the world and with your conscience.

In this sign the religious must rely on the use of herbs

In Iwori Obara the Ifá priest who does not worship Osain will be lost.

One of the patakis belonging to this sign relates that when Orula arrived on earth he had an endless line of sick people to attend to.

Osain, upon seeing the strenuous tasks of the oracle, decided to share with humanity his medical knowledge based on the use of medicinal plants.

In this sign the religious must lean on herbs if he wishes to find prosperity and peace.

The Ifá of the stilts is Iwori Obara

Iwori Obara is the Ifá of the stilts.

Letter in which people climbed on stilts to better see the panorama that surrounded them.

In this odun the person is watched by an enemy from a plane higher than his own, it is recommended to use caution when wearing high-heeled shoes, as they could suffer falls and ankle sprains.

Under this odun the person is spiritually irradiated

  • Receive Inle and Abata for health and stability to come into your life.

Pay tribute to the Eggunes (spirits)Well, thanks to the spiritualities that accompanied himañan you have obtained many blessings.

Under this odun the person is directly irradiated by his guiding and protective spirit, producing on his skin the phenomenon known under the term of piloerection. 

Let time become your inseparable friend

When Iwori Obara wishes to develop, he should beg for the leri (head) and wear the necklace of Shango, the protective Orisha of his person.

You are jealous and overprotective of your family.

Use your intelligence and learn to dominate the situation by turning it in your favor, let time become your inseparable friend and avoid rushing.

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