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Iwori Ofun Tips: Odun of Greatness, Knowledge, and Fame

Iwori Ofun Tips

The maternal protection is born in Iwori Ofun, odun where the mother prefers to sacrifice herself rather than see her children in need.

In this letter we speak of interruption of pregnancy for maternal benefit, since the fetus can present congenital malformations or trigger entities in the mother that could ruin the life of the pregnant woman. 

In this odun tribute and respect is paid to Yemayá, the mother of all humans, placing a large fruit offering accompanied byañagives of two candles.

Reinforce the Cauldron of Oggún to win your wars

In this Ifá Orunmila had a difficult war to overcome and to achieve it he had to pay a tribute to Oggun.

In Iwori Ofun the religious must feed the warrior Orishas and perform ebbós at the foot of Oggún to weaken the enemy. 

It is in this sign that the Ifá priest indicates to the querent that he must reinforce the Oggún cauldron and refresh it with corojo butter.

The worst osogbo in Iwori Ofun is ingratitude

In this sign the individual suffers losses through treason.

The worst osogbo in Iwori Ofun is ingratitude, where you must:

  • Be reciprocal with the people who have reached out to you and
  • Keep in mind at the same time that many of the people you supported in the future will not pay you in the same currency.

Odun of greatness, knowledge and fame

In Iwori Ofun dinosaurs were born.

Orunmila tells him through this that in this sign the person will be long-lived and it will be impossible for him to go unnoticed, since he will become famous in the sector where he works.

Antiquities and secrets that have passed from generation to generation are also born.

Sign that marks distancing between parents and children

In this odun the children hold a grudge against their parents, accusing them of lack of affection towards them and abandonment.

This letter says that the upbringing of the descendants is not left in the hands of the relatives because in the long run they will grow up with other members of the family as father figures.

In Iwori Ofun, the person comes to feel hatred for those who in the past did so.añaThey denied him forgiveness for his faults.

Through this letter you will be constantly questioned and people who come to you will try to test you to see if you have knowledge.

Iwori Ofun carries a rosary with him to protect himself from hexes.

In this Ifá the person must use a rosary to:

  • Protect yourself from sorcery,
  • have peace and
  • with the goal of placating his spiritual commission.

Through this sign the person becomes lucky in life, but must be lively and not miss out on these opportunities.

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