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Advice from Iwori Ogunda: Do not do business without legal backing

Tips Iwori Ogunda

In Iwori Ogunda the scare was born, a phenomenon that was brought to earth by Oggún, the Orisha who owns iron, as a method to teach man about his actions.

  • In this odun the person suffers difficulties so that he experiences his mistakes.
  • You are an impulsive person and because of this you have had losses in life.
  • In this Ifá the person should not carry white weapons because they could wield them and harm others, even in self-defense.
  • Iwori Ogunda is the sign of the missionary where the person goes through the world without having a fixed point where to settle.
  • You are tired of ingratitude, so sometimes you don't want to do favors for anyone.

Unrequited love is born of caprice

In this letter the person is in love with someone who does not correspond to him and having cloudy judgment is not able to realize that better opportunities await him and that they are closer than he thinks.

You must avoid infidelities, because as a result of these, your life could fall apart. When you find stability with a person, marry him or her and build a family.

Unregistered businesses are born Avoid them!

Iwori Ogunda is the odun in which the unregistered deals were born, where the person does business without a contract that protects him.

Situation that must be modified because without legal support there will be no guarantee that you have legal rights over the agreed business.

You are a spiritist, listen to your hunches

The religious ruled under this letter must continually carry out spoils that allow him to purify his astral by being a person who easily absorbs bad energies.

You must work the spiritual field because you came to earth to carry out this type of evolution.

Pay attention to your hunches as it will be the Eggunes who will be alerting you.

Ifá of persecutions, envy and curses

In this Ifá the person is persecuted by the enemies who do not cease in their desire to see him badly.

Be careful in your actions so that no one can discover your true goals, do not discuss your plans with strangers and people outside your circle of trust.

Do not give away photographs of yourself because with these they will make curses to you in order to harm you.

Other powerful tips:

  • Iwori Ogunda talks about emergency surgeries, you are a person with good feelings and that is why those around you take advantage of you.
  • In this Ifá, you avoid consuming pork.
  • The person must place behind the door of his house a blessed guano to win.

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